Of Papers Lost and Found

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Letters and journal entries covering a space of but a few years, touching on Danel's time in Imladris, the journey to reclaim her grandmother's sword, the rescue of Estarfin in the Hithaeglir and what followed, and some of the journey to seek the Frozen Path, as discovered by Helcequen. 


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(( These are reposts of old stories from several years ago, and are not reflective of the present kinship or stories of Vanimar.))


So it was that, upon our arrival at Numastaya, Estarfin found some of my missing papers. Now these papers did not make up a tale in themselves, rather, they were pieces from a few missions and encounters.

I had much of my personal bookwork brought from Imladris to Falathlorn by Yrill, nigh four years past, that I could sort through all. Matters were quietly progressing until an event that saw me consider isolating myself from all I knew and for the longest time. I had thought then to travel far afield, that I saw nor spoke with any. The far north, most likely.

Though it pains me no longer, what happened left its scar. For one I had considered a friend, and she not even of my race, had turned on me in her own pain with such spite that I trusted none. So I left my books in a state of disarray. More than that, in my own pain I sought to scatter works of my hands to the winds that I became 'invisible'. 

Thankfully my closest friends bid me halt, and to seek solitude but for a short time. Such advice I took, and wandered other lands to find again my peace. Some, but not all of my works were salvaged by those kind of heart. I see Lelyar and Arnone's working in this. They would have let me find all in due course. 

So I re-read accounts from the recent past, and remember again. 

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