The Blue Belles

Founding date
22 February 2023
To promote kindness and the colour blue
Main area of operations
Here, there, and everywhere
Kinship type
All Nice People
Bad People
Kinship status
Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)


The Blue Belles is a casual RP kinship, and is not raid-oriented. But hey! If you want to organize a raid for a bunch of like-minded kinnies, go right ahead!

Here are the kin’s rules.

Rule 1: Members must wear blue in public or when entertaining privately. There is no specific shade requirement, though Miss Gracee (the founder) is quite fond of Erid Luin Blue. If in private circumstances and not entertaining, go wild! Your entire outfit doesn’t have to be blue, but let’s be stylish! This includes armor in addition to street or formal wear.

Rule 2: Be kind, courteous, and helpful. To everyone, not just kinnies. You don’t have to go out seeking good deeds to do, but if you find someone who needs help, kindly lend aid as best you can. Pay it forward, we’ve all received help at some point.

Rule 3: There is NO rule 3.

That concludes the listing of the rules. Any disagreement with the rules will result in the punishment of having to bring or pay for the booze and food at the next meeting or party.

While this kinship was founded by a hobbit lass, Miss Gracee Wildflower, it is open to any of the Four Peoples, and lads are allowed in, too.

We should gain our kinhouse in April of 2023. We will have a Discord channel up soon.

Any suggestions as to what the dominant color scheme of the kinhouse should be?


Gracee Gracee Wildflower Hobbit

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