Purkle Brothers to the rescue


The Purkle Brothers of Wood Hall

We wuz needin help and needin it bad.  All the band leaders wuz strugglin ta keep up with schedules, repairs, practices, wardrobe, transportation….you name it we wuz havin ta deal with it.  We tried ta spread the news about our quest ta find help in the Shire at the markets and the pubs.  Then outta nowhere’s come the eldest of the Purkle Brothers.  He had heard from the Market in Michel Delving that we might be wantin' ta hire help.  There wuz xactly just enough a them brothers as wuz the help we needed!  

The Brothers family lived just outside Woodhall on a small farm.  Funny thing about their Mama Selda (otherwise known as Mama Brothers), all the youngin’s she had and not none of ‘em wuz female.  There wuz five brothers in the Brothers family. laughIf'n that seems a bit odd to ya; all five of ‘em have the same name.  Now there wuz a good reason fer this.  So Mama Brothers could holler fer her sons and only have to holler one name.  So they wuz all named Purkle. 

Now instead of worryin and frettin about a middle name, but fer the sake of tellin which wuz who they decided to give them a middle initial.  Purkle S wuz the first born.  Purkle number two wuz Purkle C.  Followed by Purkle G and Purkle L, and lastly the last Purkle birthed be Purkle B. 

Their Papa Blado Brothers (otherwise known as Daddy Brothers) wuz right proud of all his sons.  They grew up workin the farm, and all of ‘em wuz what ya could call hard-workin lads. 

We went to their farm and discussed the matter of all them Purkles comin ta work fer us.  One Purkle per Pipeweed Band wuz a plenty.  Any time the Purkles (otherwise known as the Brothers Brothers) wuz not busy they still had time ta come home and help with the farm again.  So every one wuz happy with the arrangement. 

Then they all went in their separate directions.  Purkle S went with my brother Dahdoo Longleaf,  Purkle C went with cousin Rosemarinie Bentleaf,  Purkle G went with my little sister Marmalaide Longleaf, Purkle L stayed with me, and the youngest of the Brothers  ‘brother clan’ Purkle B went with my other brother Vaflo Longleaf.  They each went to work fer one a the Pipeweed Bands. 

It wuz a piece a cake, but took a while ta work out some a the kinks.  At first there wuzn’t much fer them ta do.  But soon their duties expanded.  They had ta help maintain and repair musical instruments and horse gear.  They wuz responsible for seein that the band got transported in a timely manner to where they wuz supposed ta be. 

Then they wuz put in charge of party supplies; makin sure ever body had a good supply of pipeweed, ale,stout, cider and so forth.  They wuz responsible fer storin it and handin it out ta band members as needed.  They wuz given an official mail box at the neighborhood bank.  Then it wuz easier fer the band ta notify a Purkle if’n they wuz outta pipeweed er Blind Troll Stout. 

Just recently the bands agreed on an inventory list of libations.  The elves decided they wanted mostly wine.  All agreed they would enjoy seasonal selections as well.  Pipeweed is not as complicated, so availability would depend on farming results.  Then they had to make trips to Bree to purchase some of the drinkables.  Some seasonal varieties would also have to be purchased.  Some would be done by the brewers.

Them Purkle's then took it upon them selves ta set an inventory list for the farmers and brewers as well, to have a certain amount of supplies they need for brewing available in storage.  While that did take a while, and a few folks grumbled-it was seen thru and done.  

One a them Purkles ended up havin’ ta tend to more than four band members.  When Lannith came home with three more elvish band members he suddenly found his work schedule much busier.  So we doubled his wages ta make up fer the difference in chores and more things to keep up with.

Them Purkles help out during events.  They help shift inventory around to folks that can help distribute it if necessary.  They have done many a drawin of fine portraits and movin pictures as well.  They have also helped organize wardrobes.  They make sure seasonal clothing is available to all, and keep track of the changes needed if special dress is required for an event. 

IN other words, them Purkle Brothers are great!  They shore do a good job fer us!

Better known as

Purkle Brothers Roadie Service

The Shire