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The chronicles of The Hand of Númenor campaign in Annúminas. 

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Following the recent victory over the forces of Sauron, the destruction of the One Ring, and the crowning of King Elessar, Captain Belenir has been tasked by the council of Minas Tirith and the Steward of Gondor to assemble an auxiliary force with the objective of fully securing and capturing the lost city of Annúminas.

As a first step towards achieving these objectives, the captain and a few of his loyal men hosted an informal recruitment event at The Splintered Shield in Minas Tirith. have joined the cause as a result. Captain Belenir and his small crew quickly ran into several dilemma’s, food and weapons were in relatively short supply, the number of men for the cause that have been gathered so far were few and the funds made available were all insufficient to conduct the campaign.

It was clear that the situation required a different approach and the captain petitioned the council of Minas Tirith for more resources and further independence. After a long and heated discussion, some good will on the part of the council and clever negotiating on both sides, Belenir was finally given an offer. He would establish a new order, which would receive a degree of autonomy but a clear objective: it would be responsible for establishing, furthering and maintaining diplomatic relations with other Free Peoples of Middle Earth.

To enable this organization to achieve its objective, it would be allowed to act independently and in its own name. It will answer only to the council of Minas Tirith and set its own internal laws and rules, provided they do not conflict with those of Gondor. Considering the state of the land after the war, obtaining the favor of various people and improving relations would clearly involve a lot of conflict with remaining dark forces which still plague the land. As such the new order would require a strong military component to achieve its objective. The organization was proclaimed into existence at that very council and was named the Hand of Númenor, to symbolize the flexibility of its nature. It needed to be able to act as an open palm to friends and as a crushing fist to its enemies

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