An opportunity for all characters to strut their stuff in the town of Bree, gold prizes for best dressed in each category!

November 5th, 2022
16:00 server-time (EST)
Bree Stage Outside the Prancing Pony Inn

Event details:

Fashion and design lovers in Bree, unite! Put together your best or most outrageous outfits for a day of fun, awe and laughter!

For one day, the stage outside the Prancing Pony of Breetown will become a catwalk. Local designers and models of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds can display their best or most favourite outfits.

All entries are welcome, from the simple to the most bizarre!

Categories with gold prizes as follows:

Summer Chic (FIRST PRIZE 100 GOLD)
Glamorous Farmers (FIRST PRIZE 100 GOLD)
Combe Queens (men in drag) (FIRST PRIZE 100 GOLD)
Formal Flamboyance  (FIRST PRIZE 100 GOLD)
Animal Kingdom (FIRST PRIZE 100 GOLD)

Outfits will be judged by a small panel based on 

Catwalk strut appeal (The walk, the talk! Entertain us!)
Outfit composition (Is it beautiful?)
Outfit impact (Is it eye-catching? Outrageous? Hilarious? Horrifying?)

Show us what you've got!

OOC details:

(( This is an RP lite event. It is an excuse to show off your favourite cosmetic outfits!

Each character participating will have their chance to emote their time on the catwalk to the audience and judges.

Don't worry if your outfit is basic, judges will be taking into account showmanship as well. The more variety of costumes, the better!

All welcome. This is a strictly non-combat, feelgood and FUN event hosted by Narrators of Fate.

Medium-heavy RPers welcome to spectate and promote the noble art of RP to newer or liter players.


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