Welcome to the Merchant's Guild!


The town of Bree represents the future of Middle-Earth! I’ve visited countless markets across the vast stretch of Middle-Earth and never before have I seen such economic potential concentrated in one single location. But the bustling activity that warrants this said potential is unorganized and chaotic. If the town of Bree is to realize its true potential as the next great marketplace of Middle-Earth, this chaotic energy must be more properly organized. Therefore having been granted a generous charter from ever gracious and wise Mayor Graeme Tenderlarch, I hereby establish the Merchant’s Guild of Bree! Utilizing the state of the art methods I’ve come to know from the markets of Dale and Lake-town, I will make sure Bree becomes the richest city of men in all of Middle-Earth! Every resident shall become richer as the tide of growth rises, and the ancient markets of Rhovanion will gawk in envy as they are quickly surpassed by Bree in rapid economic development. The Merchant’s Guild shall essentially be an advisory council to the mayor so that the mayor may more actively engage with the market community and measure the concerns and plights of Bree’s businesses when implementing his trade policies. So if you are a merchant or business owner that regularly works in Bree and its surrounding areas, please join the Merchant’s Guild! The entrance fee is only 50 silver coins. Consider this meager sum an investment into the future wealth and splendour of Bree!

Yours Truly,
Frimsi Gembeard, Master Merchant

Bree Town