31. The Princess

S.A 2035 Summertime

So this was the day. Marilo and Simawen's wedding day. Orneth could not help feeling a little melancholic. She knew what marriage meant. A bond made by two lovers in all eternity. Somehow she was glad. It was the end of her chapter with Marilo. Her focused had slowly shifted and she felt somehow glad.

Marilo had been busy with his work among Gil-Galad army and he had enough work around the wedding preparations. Orneth did meet him once when he was visiting his Lord Mannamo. He embraced her with the same softness and warmth that she remembered. It was somehow weird to know he was soon to start his own life and family with beautiful Simawen. Simawen that had worked hard with Orneth's friendship. She knew she had done a few errors, but Orneth could no longer blame her hiding the diary from them. It was dreadful reading and she was not sure if Lady Lanyarë would survive the truth.

The females around the city had flowers in their hair. It was also a painful reminder of the time Orneth ran in the fields with Manyamë and Naerchanar pretending they were nobles with their braided flower-wreath and circlets. A painful reminder how life once were.

She also felt melancholic and thoughtful and could not truly feel joy. Falchon had also been very busy lately within the Gil-Galad's army as soldier. Haldanáre, Marilo and Carvedir had been training different places in Eriador for a few years. They were archers and had their own rehearsals as ranged soldiers. Falchon was in the first front line, he was wielding the sword and a shield. She had a glimpse of him before she was heading towards Girils home. He had his casual army clothing on, which was a hauberk colored in deep blue and golden embroidery. He looked nothing more than outstanding. Orneth felt her stomach was twisting. Why did she have to be emotional involved into someone so incredible impossible, it had becoming more of a torture rather than something pleasant.

Today Giril was offering Orneth some help. Orneth had for years avoided social events and celebrations, so she did not have anything out of the ordinary when it came to dress and shoes. She brought with her a dress she found decent enough and a pair of flat shoes she really liked.

What could Giril truly do? She would never have the same beauty as the Noldorian females with their dark dramatic colors. She was shorter and were not so slender and tall as she wished she could be. Her hair were usually a mess and she truly did not feel to put to much effort. She knew how the evening would turn out. Everyone would be with their own and everyone would be taken by Simawen. Again Orneth would be feeling like an outsider. Orneth decided to at least Giril have a try, she felt that Giril found much joy and pleasure in this as she was very into beauty and clothing.

Giril met her in her room and Orneth felt her jaw dropped. Giril was a sight with her shiny red hair that fell down her back as waterfall. Her green dress made her eyes shine and she had colors in her face that made her lips and eyes stand out. Giril was one of a kind as well. She asked Orneth to sit down while she was investigating her shoes and dress Orneth brought. She said. "This will not do in a wedding my dearest Orneth. Why the flat shoes all the time?" Orneth had no response to that and watched Giril open her wardrobe and pulled out a dress and some other golden shoes with high heels." Orneth looked at the shoes, they seemed so small, but the heels was too high. The dress Giril pulled out was quite light blue. It was bright as the daylight sky. The upper-part was weaved with golden threads and copper colored threads, the threads was occasionally weaved into the lower-part of the dress. The rest was blue silk and tulle, soft and delicate to touch. It was the most beautiful dress Orneth has ever seen. The dress seemed to be long and the waist way to slim. Orneth looked at Giril and looked confused, "Giril you have the most beautiful dresses. You wear a green dress a similar one, are you unsure what to use?" Giril laughed, "It is yours! My mother made it to me, but I prefer green and red ones. Try it!!! "

Orneth looked confused. "I can never wear a dress like that. It feels wrong. I do not feel I am beautiful enough to wear such things." Giril eyes turned a little darker, "What nonsense do I hear. I am sad you cannot see what everyone else sees Orneth. You are more than enough and definitely worth wearing the most beautiful things in the world. Trust me. Tonight is your turn to shine. You are just as lovely as rest of the lot." Orneth could not help laughing at her rant. "I do it for you. Give me a moment."

Orneth came out with her undergarment and Giril chuckled, "You need to have an upgrade regards to your garment too, but we will deal with that another time." Giril unwrapped out a beige corset. "This is my old corset. Try it. It should not be uncomfortable. It will just push in and out the parts you want to hide and show." Giril laughed as she saw Orneth's questioning face.

The two maidens were finally managing to put the corset on. The dress were barely fitting Orneth, it was a tad tight and when she wore the shoes the dress looked perfect. Giril looked very confident and proud when she said, "I knew it! I knew this dress would perfect for you." Orneth looked at her feeling slightly uncomfortable wearing those high heel shoes and the tight corset. "I have never had assets like this before. It feels weird." Giril smiled, "With beauty it comes pain. Trust me you will be used to it during the hours. You will feel elegant. Anyway we need to fix your messy hair and make your face glow." Orneth took a deep breath and tried to look for any mirrors, but it was like Giril on intention kept them away.

Giril was parting her hair into sections after a good long brush. She twisted the parts around and around and swirled it upwards into buns on her head scalp. "I need to hurry. We just have one hour left.   She looked in wonder at her dress and she blushed when she looked down. It looked so delicate and it had this little neatly embroidery parts of golden thread. She touched it with her fingers and smiles. Somehow she trusted her friend. Giril asked Orneth to sit still, she was about putting on some colors on Orneth face, First she had a white powder she kept brushing over Orneth's cheek and forehead. Flasks with colors and elegant emblems. She carefully tilted the flasks above her hand and small colorful drops fell out. She carefully added the liquid on her eyes and lips. "One final touch." She had a golden necklace she carefully was putting on Orneth's neck. She looked very satisfied and Orneth could swear she got tear wet, she still did not say anything. She untied the hair buns and kept spraying her lose hair with something that smelled very strong and perfumed. "Now! Are you ready!" She took Orneth's hand and went into another room were there was a long mirror in the corner. Orneth was terrified.

Orneth kept looking. In front of her there was another person. Tall, slender with feminine features. Her hair was golden and shiny. It had the same wavy curls as Giril. Her eyes and lips stood out as a deep contrast to her tanned skin which was even up with the powder. Her dress were outstanding and in the sun rays from the window, it did change color to light purple and pink. She looked like a princess and she looked beautiful. She felt very youthful, elegant and feminine. She did not look silly, nor did she look crude. She looked just different. She felt a tear on her cheek. "Oh Giril, I feel like a princess" Giril answered, "It's about time.."