27. Answers

S.A 2035

After days of riding, they finally entered the realms of Lindon. For old time sake Mannano went to docks of Mithlond. Lady Lanyarë visited their old shop which was temporarily closed. The reunion of the family was heartfelt, emotional and joyful. Orneth was met by Mistamë and Alcarinien and they were lingering in a warm long embrace. Even Mantaro was touched by the scene and joined the embrace. They all laughed and Orneth felt happy again. Giril and Carvedir were also there to meet them. They already knew a Falchon and Haldanáre and made them feel welcome and offered them to stay at their place in Harlond as guests. Mannamo and Lady Lanyarë left with the others as they decided to stay in one of the houses owned by Mannamo's brother Elarion. Orneth was provided with a little room in the attic.

It was outrageous to be in a wedding in these times and these age. Orneth did notice that the mood was lighter and one could sense hope. She assumed it had something to do with the defeat of Sauron's army led by Gil-Galad and the Númenóreans. Their alliance were more powerful than ever and it certainly gave the lands a new dawn of hope. Perhaps it was the exact perfect time to have some celebrations?

Marilo and Simawen upcoming wedding was reaching far and broad and there were rumours of naugrims coming from the blue mountain, to partake in the celebration. They already knew the family through their woodwork trading and wanted to pay their respects. Simawen took up the craft and art around bookbinding and she often were sitting in the enclaves around in the Havens. She was a very educated lady that gladly shared her knowledge about the history of the lost tales.

Orneth saw that Simawen had a crowd around her that admired her, not only friends and family, but the eldar in the city and around in Harlond. She was also a rare beauty with deep dark colors and bright natural red colors on cheek and her lips. Orneth hated the fact that she still had this little seed of suspicion around her person or could it be that she was just a little jealous?

One night when Orneth was walking by the pier, she heard someone approaching her from behind. Orneth turned and she saw Simawen. She said. "Orneth. I have something for you..". Orneth looked at her bowing her head politely. She continued. "I've felt bad for keeping it away for so many years.." Orneth looked at her wondering what she meant. "Simawen opened a small cloth she had under her arm, she pulled out an old book. Orneth looked at it and recognized it immediately. She said, "The diary in Golden Hope, in room number three." Simawen looked at her curiously. "So, you remembered? Orneth nodded and asked, "Why did you feel the need to keep it away? Simawen looked down and blushed."It was my mistake."

Simawen reached out the book. "Please take it. I hope you understand why I took it and kept it hidden from Manyamë's family. You are a very true and genuine. I know you are more thick-skinned than many. Besides, you will handle this differently as Mannamos family. I do not mean to insult you, but I think your reactions will differ from Mannamo and Lady Lanyarë. I wanted to give it to you before my wedding. I wanted you to understand why I took it. I want us to be sisters." She looked at Orneth. "I did not mean any harm." Orneth accepted the book and looked at it. The lock was broken. Orneth said, "It had a key." Simawen answered, "Yes I remember you said. I've felt bad for lying to you, but I did what I felt was the right thing to do. Well, you will understand more when you read about it." Simawen looked down and Orneth noticed her tears. Orneth gave her a hug and said," What happened has happened. You did what you thought was best. It seemed to me that you just wanted to protect your family from whatever is written in this diary. Go now Lady Simawen and do not let your heart trouble you. You have a wedding to plan! "Orneth smiled as best she could. Simawen looked up and smiled back at her." Thank you Orneth. "

The night was approaching and the moon was high. Orneth returned to her room in the attic. She sat in bed and decided to read. She did not know what was written there. All she knew was that there were probably something disturbing awaiting her through the words that was written.