26. The wedding invitation

S.A 2000

Orneth's mind where fixed on writing down all her experiences from Eregion. She also took up the work as a light woodworker, she had skills in carvings and milling and created delicate ornaments and emblems on hafts and bows. It was a part of the work they did for Gil-Galad's army. Recent reports through Mannamo said that Gil-Galad had recruited many new soldiers from the west. Besides Falchon there was Haldanáre, Marilo, Mantaro and Giril's brother Carvedir who had joined.

Orneth did not remember the last time she saw Marilo, but it was a little hurtful to hear about his progression in life. Not only was he a part of Gil-Galad's army which was a huge honour, but Orneth also got report of a wedding. Marilo and Simawen were about to get married in Harlond where their new home were. Orneth wondered if a mishap had happened. It did not quite make sense that a wedding should be held in these time and age.

Lord Mannamo had given up to advice his sons in his ways. His worries of a family scattered around had always been something he feared. He had accepted the fact that life was to unpredictable, so was the world. He could not control the events of things. Besides both him and Lady Lanyarë strongly was in need for some good news. Perhaps something as trivial as a wedding would be a nice break from all the horror they had experienced.

So then it was time to leave the beautiful settlement Imladris. They were a party of five. Lady Lanyarë and Lord Mannamo that kept to themselves. Lord Haldanáre and Falchon that rode ahead and talked together as brothers in arms they had become. Orneth road last with her horse, yet another offspring of her first horse Tae called Taenor.

She felt strangely alone again. So much drama to rescue her from the settlement Caranhoth and afterwards no one truly had conversations with her. She was a loyal person, a person they turned to in dire need, but apart from that she felt they took her for granted. She felt the same from Falchon. Why did he kept such distance? Was he disappointed? Orneth did not quite know why he had changed so much.

The first evening when they camped, Orneth found herself a little spot away from the others. Lady Lanyarë approached and wondered if she was fine. Orneth told her it was just memories and some tiresome days that made her tired. She found a beautiful tree where she sat next to and she wrote in her diary. She saw the others around the fire-camp and she could hear chatter, laughing and just voices of conversations. They all spoke in old Quenya and somehow Orneth felt like an outsider. Even if Lady Lanyarë embraced her into her family. Orneth could not help feel like an outsider.

That night Orneth had one of her bad dreams again. She ran into the woods, their leaves was turning yellow and then bright orange. Orneth knew what that meant. She was in the burning woods again. She knew she was hunted and she ran as fast as she could. She saw the windmill and then she got grabbed again. She woke up by her own screams and she tried to breathe normal again. She looked around, but the others was still in deep rest and she made a sigh out in revile. She got startled when she suddenly saw Falchon standing to her left. He looked at her with some pain in his eyes, "Did you have your nightmares again?" Orneth swallowed,. "Yes, yes. I am fine now." He knelt next to her and stroked her back to calm her down. She could feel her own heart pounded in stress. She said, "I did not mean to wake you up. I am fine now. Thank you." He did not look at her when he stood up, "I was already awake. Rest now Lady Orneth. Tomorrow we will reach our destination" Then he walked away.

Orneth lied down on the bedroll underneath the tree. She rolled towards the tree and she closed her eyes. She felt her own tears run down her cheek.