21. Shadows

S.A 1351

"Who is there?". She lifted her torch towards the cell where she heard the voice. She looked inside. There stood an ellon in something that looked like once was a blue hauberk. He was skinny and his eyes stood out above the skin almost. His hair was shiny dark and long, although it was slit, messy and dirty. He had red scars and wounds around his wrist and he was bruised and had blue marks on his arms and legs. Orneth swallowed, "Who are you?" he turned to her raising up his arms in front of his eyes. The light from the torch seemed to dazzle him. He weakly answered, "My name is Haldanáre. I hail from Glâd Ereg outside the main city." Orneth took a closer look at him as he seemed to be in fear, she said, "Are you a Noldor?" He looked up a little surprised, "Yes. I am.". Orneth said,"Surely you are not a prisoner because of your heritage?" He looked at her, shaking his head, "I was a soldier during the first age in Himring serving the Lords there. I was also one of the survivors from Beleriand." Orneth looked at him and looked puzzled. She said, "Himring. Were you a part of the assault that slayed down the havens of Sirion." He looked down and said, "Well. Perhaps I would not use those words, but..yes".

Orneth looked at him and suddenly regretted her words. He looked tired, resigned and someone who had given up everything. She said, "Well, you were a loyal soldier. I suppose you did what you were asked to do." She took a step back to see if there was someone else in the other cells, then she heard Haldanáre voice again, "I am here because the consider me to be dangerous. I am not. There are others here as well." She saw him pointed to a cell on the other side of the hallway. Orneth looked at him while she walked into the direction where he was pointing.

She saw a person curled up in the corner of the cell. It was a female. Orneth spoke, "who are you?" No one responded all she could see was a very skinny person with black wavy hair flowing down in front of her face. She heard a voice next to her cell. "She will not respond.." Orneth raised her torch to see who was talking. There was another person in the shadows, an ellon, tall and quite muscular compared to other of his kind. He had grey, soft eyes, but he looked fierce and angry. His face had a tight expression, like he was about to make a tantrum in any moment. She looked at him and said, "Why are you here?" he replied and sighted. "I was looking for her. She is touched by the shadows.", Orneth said, "Touched by the shadows. What do you mean?" He replied, "Just stay away from her. Stay away from us all. You should leave fair maiden." Orneth looked at him, and said, "What are your crimes?" He paused and said, "We have just encountered something we never should have encountered." Orneth looked at him and replied, "I don't understand. Who are you? Who is she?" He answered, "She is my mother."

Orneth looked at him with confusion. The little figure in the corner was the mother of this tall, huge person in front of her. Her imagination took her by surprise and she asked, "May I ask you what is her name is?" He looked at Orneth and seemed suspicious, "Manyamë. I am her son Falchon. Orneth stepped back and she had to process what she just heard. Her blood rushed through her body as a lightning and suddenly she found herself in an impossible situation. She stuttered, " Manyamë from the house of Mannamo? Does your surname start with a F?" She remembered the name Simawen and Marlio found from the city books.

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He looked at her. She could see he was pale. He said, "No. My mother used my father's initials as my surname. I rather not want to speak of him. Who are you?" Orneth responded, "My name is Orneth, I am looking for Manyamë I once were her best-friend in the Havens of Sirion." he responded quickly, "You must leave. This is not a place for a maiden like you. We are villains. All of us." Orneth looked at him as he came closer. He had a shadows around his eyes and he looked somehow unnatural. He definitely had his mother's refined beauty. His bone-structure and face was perfectly shaped, but he looked weary and tired. What truly struck Orneth is that he had similar traits as Marilo as well, which made Orneth take a deep breath. She stuttered. "I am a good friend of Lord Naerchanar. He knows I am looking for Manyamë. He cannot be aware of that you are here. This is a mistake. He will help me free you." Falchon looked at her, and said, "You are mistaken Lady Orneth. He was the one who captured us and jailed us." Orneth got frustrated and she knew he was lying. "No, he is not a ruthless person at all. He is kind, but he is not here at the moment." Falchon interrupted her, and said, "I know him. He may not be a bad person, but his methods are ruthless. I think he truly think he is saving us by protecting us from ourselves. He has his reasons. That is why we are here." He paused and spat out the name Lord Naerchanar. He continued, "You cannot save us Lady Orneth. I have one advice. Leave this place and go home. This is not the place to be." Orneth looked at him and suddenly felt drawn into his eyes. She saw dancing shadows and she could swear they had this red shimmer to them. She stepped back totally overwhelmed and little afraid. She said. "I will leave, but I will I try to convince him that you are not troublemakers." Falchon shook his head and sighted, "Go home Lady Orneth."

Orneth took her torch and did a quick glance at Manyamë, "Manyamë, if it's you or whoever you are. You do not belong here. I will find help." Suddenly the small figure in the corner was standing up. She suddenly came towards Orneth in an unnatural speed in her white dress. Orneth screamed as she saw her blue eyes icy cold it made her freeze. Manyamë grabbed Orneth's hands and spat out words, "Save me!". Orneth felt a sting into her heart and she felt drawn to her somehow. Her eyes gave her visions. She saw desperation and violence.

Orneth heard Falchon and Haldanáre yelled. "Do not touch her!! run.."

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Orneth ran out in shock. Her vision had burned inside her mind and it was a painful vision. Very painful. She climbed out a small windows as she did not dare to walk out from the main door. She found her hiding spot again outside and waited. She made a sigh in reveal and then suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder and all she remember was tremendous pain on the back of her head. That is all she remembered before she drifted away….