The Wedding of Seregrian and Cutch

Seregrían, Lady of Bar-en-Acharn, and her betrothed Master Cutch Crane invite all to attend the blessed occasion of their wedding feast and celebration!

July 31st, 2021
1PM Server Time (6PM UK Time)
The Manor of Bar-en-Acharn: 5 Waterbank Road, Torn-en-Aduial, Falathlorn

Event details:

House Bar-en-Acharn shall host the wedding of Lady Seregrían and Master Cutch Crane!

The wedding ceremony shall be held on the Seventy-first day of Lairë in the Reckoning of Imladris - being the Thirty-first day of July in the Shire-reckoning - at the first hour past noon. 

The occasion shall be marked first by the solemnity of the couple's vows, followed by a celebration feast with an appropriate lack of decorum.  The House Ensemble of Bar-en-Acharn shall provide music and dance for the company, and the Household shall put forth a feast worthy of the union.

All good folk, Elves, Dwarves, Men and Halflings are welcome to the feasting and song in The Lair, as the Black Fox and the Blood-queen pledge their lives and hearts!

OOC details:

This shall be a global open RP and IC event at Falathlorn Homesteads.  Friends and companions of the couple are openly welcome to attend.

Dress:  Formal attire appropriate for the occasion and one's culture - check all weapons and pets at the threshold;

Comportment:  This is a formal and joyous occasion, and the couple asks that all who attend conduct themselves and treat others with the utmost respect;

FUN:  This is the ultimate goal of the event, for all to enjoy the day and the time together in a wonderful RP setting.


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