Watching over Egfor

Egfor had another nightmare, and yet he was afraid to tell me. So I held him tight in my arms; what else could I do? So now, I sit in the chair, scared to sleep for fear he will relive the dream. He is sandwiched between Ox and Dunewine, Appy watches from the floor.
I am sure it was the explosion, the anger overflowing and slamming into his target. Ron…a man throwing himself a pity party. He deserved that explosion. After I bared my soul about the hurt he caused me when he left long ago, he prepares to run again?

I was just a child, but the emotional wound festered over the years. All that happened after Ron's leaving, it will take time for both of us to heal, but I will not wish to be around him if he is so willing to throw his honor away. But why would that give my prince a nightmare?

Perhaps he has far too many he is helping. I must make myself strong for him. He needs my help, and I will answer the call. But if he will not share his fears and worries with me, how can I help? I do not read his journal, for it is his private thoughts. However, no, I will not stoop that low. At least not now, while he is still perhaps processing what his nightmare meant. I will give him time for now, but I will push the issue if I must. If that doesn't work, then I will come back to this low-handed thought.

After watching him sleep for a while now, I have decided I will not betray that trust. I will not attempt to read his journal. I will, however, find some way to help my lover. I'll ride to Mordor and back for him if I must.