The Hobbitry-in-Arms

Founding date
June 2021
Living quiet, plain lives, except in times of great need!
Main area of operations
The Shire
Kinship type
Brigands, ruffians, Lotho and empty bellies
Kinship status
Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)


Calling all Hobbits!

With talk of brigands and worse sorts reaching us, the Hobbitry-in-Arms is mustering. Are you worthy of wielding a shovel, rolling pin, saucepan, or whatever you have to hand? Enjoy fine company, a full belly, and good gossip? If so, continue reading!

The Hobbitry-in-arms

The Hobbitry-in-Arms is the scarcely used and hurriedly-assembled militia of the Shire. Thain Paladin Took II is its captain. He has the authority to muster a Hobbitry in times of emergency, but it is long since there has been any need for one; the rangers have quietly and thanklessly sheltered the Shire from dangers beyond the bounds for countless years, and Hobbit government is largely ceremonial if it exists at all. Thus, the Hobbitry-in-Arms has become a mere relic of tougher times. Any weapons from such times gather dust on the walls of the Mathom-House.

The Kinship

Now that the rangers have moved off on secret errands and there is talk of brigands and worse abroad, it might soon be that a Shire-muster needs calling!

Note that this is a militia in the barest sense of the word, not taking itself too seriously; Our Shire-moots are usually more about facilitating gossip, companionship, and good cheer than serious war effort. But in times of great emergencies, the hobbits step up—with pitchforks, shovels, rolling pins, saucepans, and whatever else they can hastily lay their hands on.

Our kinship burrow is located at Sootcrest in the Shire Homesteads.


We are a relaxed roleplaying and adventuring hobbit-only kinship.

Shire-folk of different backgrounds, playing styles, and levels are welcome in our kin. Any Hobbit looking for a good-natured, lore-observant, supportive, and laid-back kinship that enjoys roleplaying and/or tackling group content (instances, raids, landscape, etc.) together.

We also have a band, The Bullroarers, if in-game musical activities interest you!

Visit to apply or contact one of the above-listed officers (chiefs) in-game.


Aodhfin Aodhfin 'Finn' Greenfield Hobbit
Arigo Arigo Diggle Hobbit
Bella Bella the Barmaid Hobbit
Benenhausen Benenhausen Hobbit
Bennidict Bennidict Yewbeam-Crieff Hobbit
Bluebell Bluebell Hobbit
Brando Brando Hobbit
Brockhill Brockhill Forester Hobbit
Canasite Canasite Hobbit
Cherry Cherry Hobbit
Dandedill Dandedill "Dilly" Doffin Hobbit
Demelsa Demelsa Hobbit
Eberardus Eberardus Malvern Hobbit
Filomina Filomina Shenanigan Hobbit
Fizzwise Fizzwise Hobbit
Fleurilia Fleurilia Appelbottome Hobbit
Genya Genya Hobbit
Gifio Gifio Underwillow Hobbit
Grunlas Grunlas Oldbuck Hobbit
Grunlas Grunlas Oldbuck Hobbit


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