A New Normality

The balmy elements kindled an aura of steadiness, albeit fleeting, that the Maiden bathed within. Exposed to the scorching beams of sunlight, the tawny pigmentation accumulated more prominently across her nose and cheeks, whilst her skin embraced a healthy glow that had been absent for a time. Leaving the torment and torture of Bree was previously a decision she abhorred, yet as she relished in the seclusion and peace of her own company and convictions, it soon matured to a decision she exceedingly adored. The vexation that had found her, as well as her closest confidant, had become a bitter recollection, but not one that had left her completely. The evocation of acrid smoke pursued her with no remorse, engulfing her lungs as she slept, to later wake gasping for air. The adolescents wailing as their patriarch raised his soiled hands upon the Maiden, and the unforgettable virulent gaze of the Viper, who exposed his fangs toward his prey.

It would be incorrect if she were to say that her thoughts did not find their way to him. The reason for her departure affected him just as much as she, yet the risk of retribution was much more damaging, as his life did not just involve his own. Family was a proposition that she supposed he yearned for. A stability that he was yet to experience, for which she would have been damned to deprive him, especially as a result of their business endeavours. The exchange of epistle, or at least the indiction that she was safe in her new normality, was one she had agreed to, yet it imposed implications that the Maiden could not yet justify.

Having left alone, she tended to every need and desire she possessed, experiencing a rather comfortable existence. Rosalia, a beloved member of her household, was one she thought of most. The woman had, in so many ways, raised and influence the maiden's life more than any other. Her admiration for her held no restriction, as they knew no need, and she yearned for their reunion.

Others trailed through her trail of thought, one of which was Yorvan - a man whose company she reveled in. He was exigent and deafening. A lover of ale and his canine companion. And yet, above all, she experienced the feeling to hold no significance of wealth or title, as he stripped her of all to reveal an infectious giggle and a playful glint. She had not seen in quite some time, yet she had hoped their paths would cross once more. The same feeling extended to Lethiah, a proud figure of his Gondorian heritage. His historic perspective was one that felt alien to the Maiden, yet it sparked a fire to indulge further into what had previously been unknown. She spent her time taking to books, satisfying the desire to learn whilst developing a respectful perspective of her own, with intent to pursue further intellectual conversation when they met once more.

There will come a time that I will return to Bree. However, now is that not quite the time, as there is still much to be done.

She had found a comfort that she was reluctant to give up. Once she returned to the cobbled streets, there would be no place for her to hide, as she knew she was to be exposed to the potential culpability of her actions.

How much longer would she be gone?

Even she, at this moment, searched for that answer.