Through her Father's Eyes

Lord Esmir of Gondor looked upon his newborn daughter for the first time on a cold December evening. "Why do you say she is different? What do you see Valainistima?" The elleth hovered over the bedside of her mistress tending to her after giving birth. Stroking the woman's forehead with a dampened cloth. "I see a child that will bring forth stillness and compassion as she grows. She will be a lady that others will admire. Take care that you raise her gently Sire for she will not respond kindly to sharpened words.  A firm and steady hand will be what guides her.  She is a beautiful soul already, I can sense it.  Combined with the blood of Eorl and the Lords of the South. You could not ask for a better blend my lord."

A smile curling along the lips of the wizened elleth. "And each season brings its own gifts Sire winter breeds a time of rest and stillness for mortal kind. With stillness comes grace as well as a solid mind. May she bring you joy, as she hath brought unto me with but a single glance."

 Esmir paced the dimly lit room, the babe in his arms, replying "You Elves enjoy your riddles. However, I find myself heeding your words just the same. Thank you for tending to my wife at this hour. Your oath binds you even to this day, though, I would not keep you as taskmaster does a slave. You have my admiration and my respect." 

A weakened voice spoke up after the exchange "Aellwenn, my Aellwenn. Bring her here m'lord. I wish to hold her." Valainistima comfortingly held the hand of her mistress as she spoke. Exchanging glances with her Lord who she sensed was particularly cold of bearing for such a joyous event.

"As you wish Léonild I have a scribe to speak to now as it were. When you have recovered from the birthing process we will celebrate properly. I will have business in Gondor within the next three months. It would please me if you accompanied us there dear wife. Provided you don't have anything jarring keeping you with your people. Need I remind you that you belong to both lands?"

 Lady Lèonild appeased to her husband's desires if only to get her hands on the child she had scarcely held. "Yes, my love, I understand my duties even now. Please though, give me my baby."

Esmir heeded his wife's request, gingerly placing the newborn, into her arms. "Do not let her marry anyone outside the two bloodlines. Remember our ancestors." Although newly born, it did not stop his determination to hold onto the traditions that guided them for generations. The scribe would record his daughter's birth but he would decide her steps. His wife eagerly took the newborn into her arms and held her to her bosom as if she were more precious than gold. Is there a greater gift than a child born into the world? No, not in the eyes of a Mother.  Now she would have another lovely daughter to keep Aldway company. If only she knew what would one day drive them all apart..