A Healer for Bree-Town, Combe and Beyond!


Are you suffering from a cold or aching of the head?

Are you bleeding profusely from a wound or experiencing an aggravating rash?

Is your daughter or niece currently experiencing their first cycle of womanhood and writhing around on the ground like a girl possessed?

Are you due your monthly bloodletting or leeching procedure?


Based in Combe, Ophelia Pennyfeather - assistant to Leecher Cartwell - offers a variety of services from concocting remedies to sewing up your open wounds!

You can find our practice upon entering Combe via the main gate, past the beekeeper, the first building upon the slight incline to the left!

Available for temporary excursions with localized mercenary groups to tend wounds.

Has experience in treating children's ailments, delivering young and maintaining the wellbeing of pregnant women.

Fees to be agreed upon during appointment.

Bree Town