I saw him again

I walked into the tavern, which once again, became a haunt of mine. I do not know if it is because the rustic little place now holds special meaning, or if I was trying to run from my own thoughts. Either way, there I stood. I perched myself on the stairs and breathed in deeply. This was a terrible idea, considering the stench of stale ale and vomit. But I was trying to calm myself. I walked up to the counter and got a mead. Then moments later I saw him at the end of the bar. Dagramir, Dagramir Audun. He was in the company of a woman, which I could only guess was his employer from bits of conversation I had overheard. Or perhaps I should say an argument? The woman had quite the shrill voice. I hope that it was just because she was shouting and not because she naturally sounded like a banshee. 

Did he bed her? Was she the trouble? I didn't bother asking these details directly, it was quite an amusing sight to see her storming out. One day, I will get her name, but for now, I will simply refer to her as the 'Banshee' the one who foolishly called me a 'Milk Maiden.' Some women who think they are in power, suddenly lose grace and temperament, when adversity comes. 'The Banshee' bitterly stormed out and I was left with an opening to say Hello to the man who stirred the hen house. Apparently, unwillingly this time. I almost wanted to say "Welcome to the grand stage. You may hop down when you want to." We bantered and he offered to have a drink with me again, the next time we meet.  I wanted to tell him, that he was missed, I wanted to forgive him for how insufferable he used to be.  

I remembered when he had a wife, Talia and he never once told me of her. Until I met the woman face to face and was labeled the whore. It was years ago now, but I still remembered it. Are we both changed? What are we looking for? I find myself pondering him. Trying, to understand if there is any meaning to this again. But when we spoke, I remained cautiously optimistic. He mentioned a child in the picture and I don't want to overstep any boundaries. Especially, if it would make him run away again.