The Mountain Fortress of Blithing

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The Mountain Fortress of Blithing follows the reclamation and rediscovery of Blithing—an ancient Rohirric stronghold—and the uncovering of its mysteries and the lives of the people who’ve tied their fates to its revival. 

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Blithing has long been a sleepy town on the slopes of the White Mountains—a once-vibrant city that grew up around the remnants of an ancient fortress built to guard the mountain passes and dales. Overlooking Edoras and the Harrowdale beneath it, Blithing had been crucial in the wars of Helm’s reign, but it has since fallen into disrepair. It was mostly abandoned for decades, if not longer, but since the mountains have seen activity again—orcs, trolls, and brigands ranging farther than before—the city has been reclaimed to defend those passes and keep the mountain villages—and Edoras—safe. 


The tower didn’t belong, but at least it had a reason to. The door inside it didn’t belong, and its reason was completely unknown. The new residents of Blithing are perplexed by its existence. Day by day as they rebuild their inherited stronghold and fortify the mountains around it, they learn a little more about this settlement’s peculiarities. A Gondorian fortress made sense in a region that Gondorians had held for centuries. A Dwarven door in an area of the world in which Dwarves have never settled, though? It was more than curious. 

Follow The Mountain Fortress of Blithing to see what lies buried in the White Mountains South of Edoras. 

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