Mereth Hannad, the Feast of Thanks

November 21st, 2020
Torech Besruth (#5 Waterbank Road, Tour-en-Aduial, Falathlorn)

Event details:

Lady Seregrian of Torech Besruth is pleased to announce that Bar-en-Acharn shall celebrate Mereth Hannad, the Feast of Thanks, and invites all friends and companions both far and wide to attend and revel in the gratitude of the season!


  • The Welcoming (at the Gazebo by Lady Seregrian;)
  • The Feast (an outdoor-feast RP event hosted by the members of Bar-en-Acharn, the feast being prepared by Master Chef Cutch Crane);
  • The Revels (Open-mic bardic and minstrels, and dancing on the lawn)
  • Merry Meetings (Chance-meetings throughout the event);

Revelers are asked to check their weapons, but pets are welcome.

Dress is Formal/Semi-formal

OOC details:

(OOC:  On Saturday, 11/21 at 2PM Server Time, House Bar-en-Acharn will be hosting an RP event at their kin house, located at #5 Waterbank Road, Torn-en-Aduial, Falathlorn.  This is an open-RP event, with Open Mic for minstrels and story-tellers!)


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