The Host Palantine

Founding date
September 2020
To clear the Shadow from Arda and reclaim relics of old from Mordor.
Main area of operations
Imladris is the center of our work, but we will operate anywhere in Middle-Earth.
Kinship type
The Free Peoples of Middle-Earth
Any who serve the Shadow.
Kinship status
Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)


OOC Notes:

The Host Palantine is a militaristic style, elven-based roleplay kinship. It was established in September of 2020 as part of an endeavor between Cardanith and Mallossel to encompass aspects of elvish lore and military-based roleplay. The kin is currently recruiting members and beginning to establish a foot-hold and plan storylines going forward. (*16.10.2020

The Host Palantine was established before the War of Wrath; They formed shortly after crossing Helcaraxë, as a part of Fingolfin's many sieges on Angband. It was formed from the remnants of a few devastated Ñoldo companies.  During the War of Wrath, the First Autarch Valeris was killed. Cardanith, the most senior member of the First Company at that time, took up command on the battlefield and led as First Autarch from that point on.
An active military unit through the First and Second Age, they continued as a specialized force beneath Gil-Galad in Ossiriand until Dagor Dagorlad.  At that time, the First Autarch Cardanith was presumed dead in the fight, and with so many other members having had perished, it was disbanded. 

Now in the Third Age, it has been restarted by Cardanith and his apprentice, Mylher, as they try to recruit members once more and finish what The Host Palantine had started long ago. Their symbol (of which all members carry a cloak brooch of) remains to be a spear surrounded by thunderbolts.

Initiation and Hierarchy;

The Host Palantine was originally known for being made up of elves who were characterized as 'being a little too enthusiastic for war'. They were a strike force and specialized unit who could operate on foot and on horseback. Recruits were not readily accepted by established members and were expected to prove themselves through feats in battle and spars against fellow members.

The hierarchy of The Host Palantine is as follows;

In total, there were 1000 members of The Host Palantine. 

Ten of those members were the leaders; they were called Autarchs, and were labeled from First Autarch to Tenth Autarch. Ultimately, the First Autarch was the one whom everyone reported to.
Five Visarchs answered to one Autarch, and each of those five Visarchs jointly oversaw a Talon, which was a group of twenty men.
There were five Talons total, each a part of a Company, which was composed of 100 men each. There were ten Companies, one Company per Autarch.


Historically, initiation was a mix of trial-by-combat and a skill-specific trial (which varied by the proficiency of the Company the recruit was attempting to enter). Should the Autarch of said Company think the recruit a viable addition, an official invitation would be offered. However, none can enter the First Company (headed by the First Autarch) in this manner; they are handpicked from the ranks of the Host by the First Autarch themself.

The only other way one could enter the ranks of The Host Palantine is as follows; Once a year, an event is held known as the Feast of The Sworn Blades. This event is held on the same date as the forming of The Host, and it is a chance for a champion of each Company to be put forward - all could enter, and should one best a champion in battle, they may be extended an invitation to join the company in which the champion was sent from.

Recruits could only join by invitation only, and that still stands today, but should any elf have any interest in learning about or joining The Host Palantine; Please contact Mallossel in-game or on the Laurelin Archives for any further questions or information.


Mallossel Second Autarch Mallossel Gilher Elf

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