Herbs and Poultices for All That Ails You!


Are you ill? Do you seek relief from what's troubling your bowels? Do your daily cares cause heart palpitations or an anxious mind? Wanting to look younger with the newest cosmetic? Look no further, dear reader! The Mortar and Pestle Apothecary has all you need and more. Run by a trained herbalist and natural philosopher who has made years of study in Minas Tirith, The Mortar and Pestle has all you need for your ailments. From ointments to poultices to salves to tinctures, you can find it at The Mortar and Pestle!

Located in the Brougham neighborhood of Bree-land, 1 Chestnut Street, Brougham, walk ins are welcome, as are appointments. Do contact Anorieldis through the Prancing Pony!

Good health to you!

Bree Town