A tale and a song (Rohan)

"There are many special moments in the day,
but evenings are the most special all the way."

The sun is setting down over the small hamlet of Bancross and its farmers, crofters and riders off duty are gathering together, to relax at the end of a long day.

There are tales of the mark to be shared, songs to hear and mead to be enjoyed with families and friends.

It's time to enjoy life!

November 6th, 2020
3pm servertime, 2100 CET
Bancross, Kingstead Meadows homestead, 6 Colt road (inside the barn)

Event details:
A small event with tales, songs and games, spent with families, friends and visitors.
Welcome to the Bancross homesteads
this is a teaser for the event
OOC details:
This is an Rohan rp event placed in a barn, within the Bancross hamlet close to Edoras, which means it is for human players and the occasionally dwarven traveling trader who might have stumbled upon the market in Bancross and heard about the gathering in the barn. So please bring only a human or a dwarf to the event.
If you want to perform a tale or a song, you need to declare that 48 hours before the event starts (mail at LA archives or ingame mail to Duncadda) and it needs to be within the spirit of the Rohan lore.
To attend the event, we can summon players from level 70 and above to the gate of Bancross, but once the event starts, we do not have time to pick up stragglers, so make sure to be on time. Those players of lower levels need to travel first to Minas Tirith Midsummer Fest from Bree, then spend 1 Mithril coin traveling to Edoras and another Mithril coin to the Kingstead Meadows homesteads.
Some rules:
* Please do not bring your animal companions, weapons and heavy armor.
* Always be polite to those who attend the event.
A warm welcome to Mearhe & Duncadda's barn. The art is made by Mearhe
The event banner is made by the player Mearhe.
Bancross banner is made by the player Waelden.

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