Nost Giliath

Founding date
Around the time the city of Gondolin was built
Nost Giliath is originally the house of Faenwe, crowned by his family tree, including Faenwe the Elder, Belegring, son of Faenwe and Malwion, son of Belegring. Their mission once was the unity of elves against the wrath of Morgoth
Main area of operations
All across Middle-Earth, but can be easily contacted at their home in Falathlorn
Kinship type
Bar-en-Acharn, led by Seregrian, the Blood Queen, The Guardians of Arda are allies, led by friend and ally of Belegring túr Giliath, Erandriel of the woodland realm, and Drakknaek of Gundabad.
Servants of Morgoth, Wild roaming orcs, bandits and corrupted beings, shades and natures
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)


With the recent rise of evil in the lands of Middle-Earth, Eldar Belegring from the years of the trees has gathered his closest allies, and reformed Nost Giliath, the house of stars. Eldar from all over Middle-Earth are welcomed to join within the ranks of the Giliathrim, and undergo the formalities of the Nost-Giliath militarized force of elven warriors, next come the elves that are born in the line of Lirgon, a high-elf who undertook the great journey. 
Alike many others, they ought the dark lord Sauron to be defeated, but alas, evil persisted and now all warriors are urged to fight it with their fierceness and valor.

And so are you, mellon nin.
Have you the wish to learn more, please do not hesitate to write, to Belegring, Faollann or Adrieus in game, or to Belegring#0842 on Discord, and we hearken in silence as you speak out your questions, concerns or else.



When the world was young, and Morgoth, who then was known as Melkor, slept in Utumno, there was Telperion and Laurelin that gave light to the living and breathing lands of Aman, leaving the continent to the east, Middle Earth in darkness, save only the light of all stars. Some were dim and others were bright, beautiful and innumerable. Varda, in anticipation of the Children of Illúvatar, befell into a great labour, and so she drew from the trees the light of which she created the second stars, the Great Stars, shining brighter than all the innumerable stars that already existed, and she laboured into existence the constellations. And there, up in the heavens, the stars shone upon Arda, and it was near the lake of Cuiviénen, where the Children of Illúvatar first came to be, as they awoke under the stars, and so, they shall be known as the Eldar, people of the stars. Fair they were, nevertheless they were great, and they were watching the stars, from the lay of their awakening. They adored the stars, as did they the sea, for the stars were the first thing they laid eyes upon, but the sound of the sea was the first sound they heard. They would later develop speech, and they would sing.

Among them was Lírecáno , one who would later be known in Middle-Earth as Lirgon, but in the hour of his awakening when he looked upon the stars he sang without language, but his voice was beautiful, and the Erubegotten who had been awakened beside him were glad, for his melody was pure, and although the elves who became the people of Elen were the ones that were known for their singing, he who would be Lirgon had a voice as beautiful nonetheless, even more so it may have been. Yet he was not of Elens clan, but of the people of Tata. Lírecáno was a Ñoldorian elf. In Cuiviénen the elves stayed, there in darkness. Still, the only source of light was that of the stars and its constellations, high up in the sky. The elves were discovered by Oromë, the elves were then called the Eldar, but the elves feared Oromë and believed him to be responsible for Melkor’s taint. Yet, Oromë stayed with the elves, while Manwë fought Melkor and defeated him. When Melkor was chained in the dungeons of the Halls of Mandos, by Manwë, the King of Arda. The Valar then summoned the elves to Valinor, but the elves first refused. Then, Ingwë, Finwë and Elwë to came to Valinor as ambassadors and most of the elves were convinced. All, but the Avari would cross the great Belegaer onwards to Valinor.

Lírecáno would take the great Journey with his kin, after the sundering of the elves. He followed Finwë onto an island, which they used to cross the Belegaer. Finally, they arrived in Valinor, where they were summoned by Oromë

In Valinor they lived among the Valar……………………



Belegring Belegring Lirgonion Elf
Faollann Foallann, Aranel Elf

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