Pierate day celebration

Yer sons of biscuit eaters!

September 19th, 2020
7:30PM UK / 2:30PM servertime
The Golden Perch inn in Stock, and also near the Brandywine River nearby, Laurelin server.

Event details:

It is an annual celebration! Every year around this time, a ship crashed into a rock and sinks somewhere high upstream in the Brandywine river, and all sorts of food and drink is strewn along the riverbank. One would think them sailors have learned to navigate by now…

Naturally, there are all sorts of rumours of pierates being involved in the sinking of the ship. Pure nonsense, of course, but us hobbits use every opportunity to rate pies. So, we’ll throw a pierate celebration party! Come dress up like a pierate and join the fun!

The party plans include:

  • A brand-new pierate musical, involving a new tale about the dread river pierate Davo Hasslewoof
  • Music and dancing
  • Pierate games, possibly including “walking the plank”, a pie hunt and proper pie rating!
  • Pierate prizes and booty

See yer in Stock, everyone!

OOC details:

The event is certainly a hobbit-preferred one, although well-mannered dwarves and folks of a taller persuasion are welcome along. Just don’t step on the locals!


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