The Hammer and Harp Inn!


Come, all, to the newest, and soon to be finest tavern this side of the Misty Mountains!
We, at the "Hammer and Harp Inn' would be delighted to host your amidst our halls, and may we drink, laugh, sing and rejoice until the sun fades, and the barrels run dry!
Come to to 8 Long Road, Highburg, Bree, and see the splendour of the "Hammer and Harp Inn" for yourself!

OOC: The tavern is meant to be an open RP hub, to anyone and everyone. If you wish to RP, simply contact me via the Laurelin Archives (Cedmon), Discord (InquisitorialGiggle#5788) or In Game, be it via mail or IM, on one of my characters, (Daurr, Dalbran, Cedmon or Cardanith.)

The tavern is meant to be a centre for RP events and recruitment as well, so if you wish to join the Windswept, that's a great place to start!

No weapons, or pets.

We hope to see you soon!

Bree Town