To All Seeking Smithcraft,


((OOC Info:

Celossiel, an Elf-smith of Gondolin and Eregion of old, invites all Elves and Elf-friends in need of smithcraft to her forge and workshop in Imladris. If you are an artisan or prospective apprentice, see the second notice instead.

While the purpose is RP, I am also happy to combine it with OOCly providing equipment upgrades for lower-level characters (amours up to L56, tailor/weaponsmith up to 80).

Please send a mail here or in-game to arrange!

Contact: Celossiel
Address: 1 Twinfall Path, 
Nan Glorui, 
Falathorn Homesteads. 

Note: This location is RP’ed as Imladris.))