Founding date
To create and foster Elven-centric RP and fanfiction for newcomers
Main area of operations
Eriador from Falathlorn to Rivendell
Kinship type
The Woodland Maiden - and all Elves and Elf-friends
None (yet...)
Kinship status
Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)
Seregrian, Cutch, Catrena, Kortheod, Ingrasion, Aifiolossë


It is said among Mortals that the 'best revenge is living well'.  Thus, we bid you welcome to Bar-en-Acharn, the 'Home of Revenge'!

Bar-en-Acharn has formed for the purposes of promoting Elven-centric roleplaying and fanfiction; giving newcomers to roleplay the opportunity to learn and expand their talents; and fostering fellowship among those who embrace these ideas.  We encourage RP in any format or venue, whether chat or IM; co-operative fanfiction and RP storylines; and fan-art of any type.

Bar-en-Acharn boasts a Kin-house, Torech Besruth in Falathlorn (5 Waterbank Road, Torn-en-Aduial).  Message one of our officers, whether in LA, in-game or on Discord, and partake of our hospitality!

Come grow with us, play/dance/dream with us, and Live Well!


Aifiolosseh Aifiolossë Amanyorë Elf
Appleciderblossom Applecider Bolingbroke Hobbit
Autumnlight Autumnlight Fades Elf
Boghadair Boghadair "Bogh" Elf
Cutch Cutch Crane Man
Daethad Daethad Moraerandir Elf
Dyrgo Dyrgo Razzlebolt Hobbit
Emlinor Emlinor Elf
Erilifn Erilifn Elf
Feanthel Feanthel Elf
Felamod Felamod Man
Ingrasion Ingrasion Elf
Iyenue Iyenue Elf
Kortheod Kor Man
Lancogard Lancogard North-took Hobbit
Lendreth Lendreth Elf
Llundein Llundein Elf
Maillavan Maillavan Silafauriel Elf
Retarrah Tara Frostleaf Man
Royzenberry royzenberry goldflower Hobbit


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