Plans and sketch for Liffey's kitchen shelves

For Fenley's first commission, shelves for Liffey's kitchen, he hopes to exceed himself in artistry and thus earn some flattering word-of-mouth that might bootstrap his business. Here is his sketch of the floral-themed shelves, and associated planning diagrams. The brackets are being forged of wrought iron, which he will later paint in places to give the blossoms and leaves subtle metallic colors hinting at their true floral hues. The shelf-wood itself will be fine-grained maple, with the edges adorned with a combination of engraving, wood-burning, and insets of wrought iron (including where the brackets disappear into the wood in concealed joinery), also painted in the same way. The flowers depicted are all common blossoms found in the Chetwood: wood lily, black-eyed susan, wood sorrel, violets, and lupines. Blossoms and leaves in some cases wrap around edges to help further the illusion of the whole shelf being a natural formation. A very slight raised lip around the outer edge of the shelf helps prevent things from falling off. Four shelves of this sort will be made for her kitchen, for a cost of 10 silver pennies.

Drawn with technical pen in Procreate on an iPad. See the full-sized image, as well as reference images for wood lily, black-eyed susan, wood sorrel, violet, and lupine.

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