Plumwood Furnishings


Is your bed boring? Are your cabinets coarse and crude? Do your chairs and tables serve no purpose but to keep you and your possessions off the floor?

You no longer have to choose between functional and beautiful.
Plumwood Furnishings
will speak of grace, refinement, and quality to all who visit your estate or home, and are built so sturdily that your grandchildren will still enjoy their timeless elegance. I use only the finest wood, varnish, leather, paint, and polish; my designs are tailored to suit you and your home; joinery and fastenings are built with precision and concealed for seamless lines and contours; and everything I make will be perfected to your satisfaction.

To inquire about a consultation, seek Fenley Plumwood,
leave a message at the Peaceful Peach in Newharrow,
 or with Barliman Butterbur in Bree.


Bree Town