A Hobbit's Journal - Excuse My Accent

Oh please excuse the funny accent, I am from Overhill, and  we all talk funny up there in the woods. If only I had a coin every time I say this...I would be the richest Hobbit in the Shire, I tell you that. Anyhow something really nice happened.Simbo, Nannie and I met this lad called Davlo Diggle, originally from around Bree. He recently moved to the Shire and set up home here. We recently attended his Home Warming Party, splendid affair really.Simbo was very impressed with the furniture and deco, and especially with Master Davlo's outhouse which sits in his garden. I myself was impressed by the music Master Davlo performed, it was rather wonderful and well composed, and played masterfully. Anyhow, after the party both Nannie and I sent the lad  'Thank You' letters, and invited him over for tea.

We sat under the Great Oak tree in our gardens, just next to the big pumpkin, and we had a good old chat, some tasty Shire tea, followed by cakes and more refreshments, and then Master Davlo played some music. He told us about himself, and his love for a quiet Hobbit life in the Shire, he told us about been a bit shy, a Hobbit of few words if you like. We did tell him about us, and what we do, and what we stand for. Our love for peace and kindness, and a relaxing atmosphere.  We parted as friends after tea. 

A few days later I got me a lovely letter in the mail from Master Davlo - telling me how he had thought long and hard, and a bit longer still, and a bit more, and had come to the conclusion he would be very honored to be part of our little family of Hobbits. So a new 'Rose' has joined our little bunch, a new friend, a new companion for the road, a gentle hobbit with a big heart, and a splendid cake hat.

We met up in our gardens again and we  welcome Davlo Diggle with open arms. We all wear a small necklace, a perfect copy of the original Shire Rose, as a symbol of our fellowship. One was given to Davlo during the small ceremony, which is all very solemn, but that ended up in roaring laughter when I called him 'Master Davlo DINGLE'  I do despair about my accent, I really do, after all these years I still talk funny. So here is a new word for my


by Amorey 'Sweetrose' Took 

- dingle 

noun: dingle; plural noun: dingles

Overhillish noun meaning 'Diggle' 

(Also a Westron noun meaning  a deep wooded valley or dell)

Welcome to Shire Rose Master Davlo !