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Not too long ago industrious individuals figured out how to bring some old trinkets to operation of which kinds have been found in old ruins or forgotten heirlooms.
These trinkets resemble clocks of our time, were generally used as bibelot, mathoms and odd conversation pieces but could never be brought to operate or work. 
It turns out that these, for a lack of a better word "machinations", actually seem to be toys of some kind with not being able to answer the question if they have ever had other uses for forgotten generations.
The original creators seem to have taken great care that these machines have no practical use in warfare.
Until now it was found that they are able to measure the passage of time, can communicate with peoples and each other in a very subtle manner and even react to speak that is voiced within earshot.
The combined puzzling of the Eriador Engineers came to the conclusion that these most likely stem from wanting aid for the stage and other complex performances in need of coordination.
The machinations are fed strips of paper or sometimes thin sheet of metal with an odd punctuation imprinted on them for being told what to do and when.


Be it a person giving a speech at a wedding, telling a story in a tavern or even a play with a full ensemble, these trinkets will remind of the lines to say and when to say them.
Being able to whisper to the wearer in a manner that no one else can hear they also remind of expressive dramatization if so instructed.
For full stage plays, playwrites will simply love the possibility of the machinations to whisper to each other at given times about when it is which actors turn to speak or express.

Tasks and Assignments

Being able to react to spoken word within earshot the machinations can remind the wearer of which words to speak in case a passersby adresses said wearer. Seemingly a perfect toy for children's game it can be very useful in a variety of situations!
Want to be woken up and immediately reminded on what to answer when your superior catches you dozing on your watch?
Want to put a passersby asking you "Do they bite?" to work and ask him to fetch you an ale without needing to think even for the blink of an eye?
If the passersby is tightly knit with you, if you're in a group of any kind, the machinations can also learn and react to if he or she got you the right kind of ale, fish from the market, jewelry from Goblin-Town. As long as you know how to spell it out it can be stamped for the machinations!

Scavenger hunts and Rallies

With the ability to measure time down to a moment these are perfect for fun activities that require to pick the most timely participants!
May it be a simple horse race, a rally through all of Middle Earth or even a scavenger hunt for items or places.
Participants can speak agreed upon words to prompt the taking of time which can be read from a second strip of paper later.

What does it need?

Fortunately the machinations are plenty and free to grab for everyone who is interested!
Every active actor or steward to an activity needs to carry one of those machinations and has to be somewhat trained in how to operate them. There are shiny buttons on those things...
Every director or writer needs to know a bit more about the machinations inner workings, of what is possible and what is not, to sketch out plays or assignments to be stamped out.

What do the Engineers help with?

We offer knowledge, lessons and help with planning and preparation of public events of any kind!
Eriador Engineers goal is to promote a more lively and fun social life through all of middle earth by using these tools for more convenience and ease.
Write a mail to Gutur if you are interested and want to have a chinwag. Due to the somewhat complex topics at hand it is often far better to talk directly to be able to share knowledge at greater comfort alas the times of day suggest that mail might be the best first step of contact.

We hope to be able to help all of the Free People of Middle Earth to have a more social and fun time in their lives!

Gutur McGermot for the Eriador Engineers


This is about the tool PlayWrite/QuestWrite (available open source on GitHub), to get it known to the playerbase and help using it for as many great events as possible.
Yes, GMs (some?) know about it and at least some of the early development tests and performances have been attended (not so secretly) by recognizable names. Eerie when that happens, isn't it?
You may want to have a look at the general introduction or even at the documentation if you are a somewhat technical person.
People using PlayWrite/QuestWrite should be familiar with their computers to a degree and need to learn how to start and operate the tool.
Due to the modern technical nature of the discussion it is somewhat impractical to talk more then descriptive IC or in text chat so coaching and in-depth discussions and lessons are better done in voice chat.

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