Ithilwe's Journals: The Choice

Today was the day I had been dreading most, my departure to Valinor. I knew it would be good for me, as my heart can not stand any more grief or pain. But there is something, an unknown force, pulling me and wishing me to stay here. After a light breakfast with the other guests of the city, I went down to the docks. One of the other elves to board the ship, Taerthon, expressed to me his excitement and joy for leaving to the undying lands. I sorrowfully told him that I could not share his sentiment.


Though he was a little confused, Taerthon, told me if my heart was truly torn between the two lands, I should go reflect on my friends and their journeys, and what they would wish me to do. As I reflected on the paths of High King Gil-Galad, Lord Elrond, Lord Cirdan, Lord Glorfindel, and Lady Harthalin, I felt my fea fill with grace, determination, wisdom, hope and courage. These are qualities that I have felt severely lacking in ever since I awoke. It was as if my friends and comrades were there beside me, helping my heart to choose.


Just as I made my choice, as if by fate, Taerthon came running to me at the docks, telling me that Lords Elladan and Elrohir wished to speak with me, as they had arrived in Celondim. We were glad to see each other, though the news they shared was dire. Evil is rising again in the lands of Middle Earth. A terrible Gaunt Lord and an evil Dwarf have joined forces. They both serve the evil lord, Sauron. He has risen again. 


They told me they must leave, back to Rivendell to give word of the rise of Skorgrim to their father. They bade me to stay in Celondim for a time, to regain my strength and to help the peoples of the city in whatever ways I can. I am glad I have stayed, though the promise of battles wears heavy on my heart. 


I must stay here. For how long, I do not know. But one day….one day. I will see my friends and lover again.