A Rising Shadow


Thou art of no importance, if thou dost not serve Him or his likeness. Thou art not worthy, if thou art not willing to give in to His wishes and thou shouldst give in to His wishes, for the Eye sees all, hears all and knows all. Thou art a fool, if thou does not listen to mine words, which are His words, which is His bidding.  Our master is a merciful one and he doeth not let loyalty pass unrewarded. Join the ranks of the Shadow, and be forgiven for all thine insolence. The armies are marching, there is no other way. 

(After laying dormant for many years, the Servants of Mordor are newly recruiting, rebuilding the kinship from the ashes. If in the past you have been a member of our kinship - or even Angmar's Shadow, as it was called when the kinship was first created - feel welcome to join again.)

Bree Town