Scarf of Gold

A short song, a sort of fantasy of friendship, Ristiinna wrote to sing at the Reindeer Festival, though it didn't quite get to be sung and played as she'd intended.

((OOC: set to the tune of White Winter Hymnal, by Fleet Foxes; it began as an adaptation, then an expansion, and ultimately an almost complete rewrite, of that song.))

I was walking by the bay, all bundled in my coat,
untangling the scarf of gold tied around my throat
And then my eyes found you, my smile grew wide and bright,
Afraid to speak a word of my quiet, secret delight.

Sliding on the ice on the path out past the bay
Racing past the sleds and laughing all the way
Your eyes so full of joy, your smile so bright and grand
We ran back to the lodge, together, hand in hand.