A Finch's Journal: Entry 9

Oh, I've forgotten to mention Hawk in my ramblings about my winter here in Bree-town.

Hawk, a fellow bird-named friend! Exceptionally talented with a lute (at least, I think so!) and seems to have many friends about him. I met him while he was playing in the Pony one evening and struck up a brief conversation with him. 

I think, since then, I've gotten to know him a little better and find him rather fascinating. He keeps interesting company and has a rather nice smile. Even his smirks are enough to make me laugh. 

While speaking to him and a few of the people in his company -- Solveij included! -- we got on the topic of courting and sharing beds somehow. I always feel a little... out of my element whenever talking about such things. I know a great many people find romance and sharing beds something that is extremely important to them. In fact, I think most people do. But, as for me, it's never been that important to me. It just hasn't ever been since the moment I was of the age that most people start thinking about such things. It's not that I'm wholly uninterested. I'm as human as anyone else is. But I just can't see myself going about that sort of business unless there is a particularly strong bond between myself and another.

Grams always said that my lack of interest was a small mercy but, sometimes, I feel badly for it. Not because I think there's something wrong with how I think -- I can't be any other way than how I am -- but because others might not understand and think it a slight of some sort. Not that I have people lining up to court me proper. I remember when I courted -- or rather, played at courting -- with that lad I used to have a prank war with when I were still a fairly green lass. I always wanted to rough house around and talk about going adventuring. He said it wasn't how I was supposed to act as a lass and ended our courtship after awhile. And I can't say that I was too torn up about it. In fact, I was relieved at the time. 

Maybe I overthink things too much. It's not like I think of courting and more carnal things often. It just isn't so relevant in the life I lead. I find more joy in sunsets, spectacular views, sharing time with good friends, and delicious food than I ever have thinking about romance and such.

Well, I'll resolve to not overthink it too much for now. There's other things I would rather think about more.

[At the bottom of this entry is a rough sketch of Hawke's lute.]