Scribbles And Scrawls - Page 55/56 - Part Two

I had to step away, Ria wanted to talk about some things. Where was I?

I managed to get outside, back into the chilled night air. I had no idea where I was, it was a new area to me and going from what I saw, the door led to some sort of seating area, like a veranda or porch. At the end of the paved space was a gate which ultimatley led to the courtyard we had all previously gathered. I did not see them at first, the dimness without any means of light made it difficult. 

It was their voices I heard first, mumbling in the distance. I followed the sounds till I came upon Mister Rick and Mister Sheldian staring down Wolfcaelder in some sort of stand-off.  The man was cornered with no means to leave without having to come close to us. Now that the moment had come, I waited with my breath held to see what Mister Rick would do. I was very happy, this time, to keep my distance and I took up the space behind Mister Sheldian. He stood with his swordarm lowered with no inclination to interfere, only observe. 

I am not sure if I should write down all that Wolfcaelder said, though it should be said Mister Rick's actions were warranted and understandable. They spoke at length, the air around them charged with violent hatred. All Wolfcaelder did was grin and taunt and swagger with pride as he admitted all the crimes he had comitted, the hurt and the pain, the murders, the rapes, the money. He brought up Mister Rick's Mother, Mister Gyth's Mother. He threatened everyone again; Mrs Nessya, Miss Ellie, even the Dog. He was determined to make Mister Rick's blood boil. 

Everything led to that final moment where Mister Rick sprinted towards him and knocked him to the ground. All we could do was watch. I stepped forward, I remember, but Mister Sheldian's arm came out to stop me from going any closer.  With a finger pressed to his lips, he bid me to stay silent and turned back to watch. This again reminded me of my own Father. How I was robbed of the chance of having my own anger brought down upon a worthless Father. I'll never get that. I'll never get to hear the final words he might have said to me as his last breath oozed from his lips. I never got to finally ask him why. Why was he so harsh for all these years? Was it truly because of my Mother's passing? Was there another motive?

The fight went on for some time, I could see both were becoming exhausted yet stubornly fought on. I could still hear the scuffles from within the building too. I wondered how nobody else could hear it within the surrounding buildings. Yet I was too focused. I saw blood and cuts appearing on both men. One would seem to be gaining advantage but a blow would send them down with but a split second to recover.

I am not sure how much longer I watched. The men were talking amidst their fight but I could not hear what they said. For a moment I thought Mister Rick had weakened to the point of giving up but I was forced to quickly turn my head away when I saw a blade spit blood as it protruded through Wolfcaelder's back. The cry he grunted turned my own guts and made some people come out from the building to see what was happening. But still Wolfcaelder fought on, though weakened. He swung haphazrdly and deleious as a string of blood dribbled down his lip from within his mouth. I watched again to see Mister Rick pull the sword out from Wolfcaelder's body, push him down to the ground and stamp the sword down into his chest, twisting and gnawing into his ribcage.  

This is why I was so shocked. To see the man I had come to know as something of a jokster, the life of the family I had come to work, the family man, the business man. I knew he once sold his sword in the past but this was different. There was true anger, emotion and hatred in that final blow. Mister Rick then fell back catching his breath besides the twitching dying man and only then did Mister Sheldian go to his aid.

Subsequently, I was joined by Ruemax. He looked rough too but nothing that gave me alarm. Actually, he looked at me like I had done something naughty, amidst his breathlessness. But that expression softened and he put his hand on my shoulder. I think he was ready to scold me for leaving the place he forced me to hide, but seeing as it was "all done with", his manner relaxed. He too is another man who has surprised me. I knew he helped Dernwynn with several matters which any other suitor would run for the hills, but I had no notion, the long years I've known of him, he could also fight. Even the affectionaltley mentioned Soverhelm from Rohan, who in many ways was like Mister Gythleth, with his love of books and songs and la-de-da's could fight, skillfully too. Am I the only one who lacks...everything?

I suppose---

To be continued....