Scribbles And Scrawls - Page 55 - Part One

It's over. It's done. He's dead. I saw him fall with my own eyes by the hands of his own Son. It was a sight which filled me with many mixed feelings. Relief, renewed jealousy for my own Father's death, shock at seeing a man I know for happiness and a commonly joyful spirit showing such a side I'd never seen before. I had no idea he could move in such a way, nor that he could fight like that. He knew the skill of working with a sword and a small blade and took a fair few blows to his person. Yet he never gave up. Fierce determination burned in his eyes.

I'm still not sure what impulsed me to say yes to going in the end, perhaps it was knowing everyone else was, barring Mister Gythleth. He did refuse and I do not blame him for the decision. He spoke openly many times at wanting as little to do with any mess of his Father's as much as possible. But still, I said yes. Maybe I was keen to see it over with. Other than finding myself a smart girl who I still question to what they see in me, these past months since Wolfcaelder first appeared in town asking questions have been something from a book, both nightmares and horrid thrills. I could picture Dernwynn's face as she found out I was going. There is something of the mother or big sister in her that I can not escape. Though, she is a dear thing, I do wonder how Ruemax manages. He has more stamina of mind and body than I do, I also see her fawning over him too. I recall seeing her eyes the day after Ruemax was attacked with the poison. She was a woman wild, her eyes glared at everything, she spoke of nothing but revenge against Wolfcaelder and preservation for our safeties. 

I walked with Mister Rick and Mister Dervenor into the town. The walk was quiet and grave, I guess the apprehension made it too thick to talk. Only when we left the gates by the east and followed the tall hedges and we met up with the three men from Rohan, Ruemax and a handful of the men that accompanied the Rohan few, did conversation on the lowest of whispers begin.

Ruemax and the one I've come to know as Soverhelm led the way through a gap in the hedge which I did not expect. To my amazement, on passing through, we found ourselves in a small garden that was shielded from view by a trellis. It was a very sneaky entry into what I then realized was the private courtyard to some of the dwellings behind the old Tailor's Stores. I had never seen it from this perspective before, but seeing the spire of the mayor's abode in the very distance touched by moonlight, I found my barrings to where we had come to lay in the shadow. It was the building with the windows thickly dressed that was where Wolfcaelder was firstly discovered. 

The plan was to go inside and get him circled. But that was the easy outcome. What actually happened was the very opposite. Entry wa gained by the assistance of the Rohan "Hoods", as they get called. These men went in first, followed closely by their leaders, then Mister Rick. I was about to follow them in too but Ruemax lightly pressed me back to be the last. I was perplexed at first but I did not question it at the time, I just silently followed into the dark corridor, my dagger ready. Not that I had any clue how to use effectively in such a situation. 

Those seconds seemed to last a lifetime. All I could hear were the breaths of people trying to be quiet as inch by inch we approached a room with a closed door, illuminated from within by light. Before I knew what was happening, there was a loud chorus of shouting and alarm and then the crashing of steel, men grunting and shoving. The door to the room opened, letting light flood in and the scene became visible. Men I had never seen before were armed and leveling their brute force against my companions. Once I came to my senses, I prepared to charge forward and help, forgetting completely I had never fought armed men before and I had taken two steps when Ruemax rounded on me and pushed my back behind a set of crates. The action stunned me and I had no choice but to have full focus on him and his words struck me sharply. "Don't be so foolish, stay out of sight. If any harms comes to your head, Dern will have my guts." No sooner had the words left his mouth was he charging into the middle of the fighting. 

I watched the scene from the place I was pushed, unnoticed by anybody, even my companions it seemed, for twice did one pass me, weapon branded high connecting into a parry and shoving to gain ground space. So close did they come to me I could have touched their noses with my finger. My focus quickly turned down the corridor, where I saw Mister Rick suddenly and madly pushing his way through  and I caught a brief glimpse of the man with the scarred face, Wolfcaelder, vacating through another door and into the open air. The eldest brother, Sheldian, also pursued, but it looked like he was chasing for Mister Rick, rather than Wolfcaelder. I quickly learnt it was to see no harm came to Mister Rick, likely he feared he may act impulsive and foolish. 

Feelings surged in me. I was angry I was being treated like a child, why should I not be part of this just as everyone else? Did not Wolfcaelder try to also destroy my happiness? Did he not woo my father into a worse criminal life? Made my Father try to kill me? Did Miss Dernwynn ask Ruemax to keep me alive? Anger pushed me forward, against my orders and I weaved my way around the scene, through the room and back outside through the other door, avoiding any weaponry or rouge fist.

To be continued...