Scribbles And Scrawls - Page 54

Am I wrong for feeling hopeful that soon, very soon, everything will go back to how it should be? Nothing has been right for weeks, even months. What was once such a happy place has people divided. Mrs Laine has gone North to her Mother and Fathers, Mister Gythleth hardly leaves his home, Miss Dernwynn is fiercely determined and is not thinking of herself and me? I can hardly walk down the street without looking over my shoulder. Just the other day Ria was approached by that horrible man trying to persuade her to join his cause instead! It is too much, especially when I am then reproached for over worrying! How can I not worry? The stories of this man, what he has already done! He killed Mister Ricks Mother, Gythleth's Mother, he almost killed Ruemax, and now he is, for some reason lecherous, kissing up to MY girl! Is it revenge for Frank? What we did? No, it can not be.

I am very happy that this might all soon be over, yet I knock on the wood of this desk. From what I've been told, the men working for Mister Shauhelm have discovered the hiding place in town of where Wolfcaelder is hiding and have since then been following his movements, trying to learn if he has other friends, like my Father was, who are helping him. I heard them mention some difficulty in which the building he was hiding had it's own courtyard sort of space, where there was a gate. At some point they spoke to Ruemax about this, for I then heard them say Ruemax told them about some old method of getting into the courtyard by a hedge. Apparently children used to use it to get to the tree there during chestnut season? I have no recollection of this but lo' it happened to be true. The one known as Soverhelm went with Ruemax to find it. Knowing this little route though the hedgerow now, the men are using it to gain entry under the cover of night.

Mister Rick is not himself, in fact other than his occasional hushed meeting with the men from Rohan, he does not speak to anybody. I do worry for him. Paigey told me once that he was known for dark moods in the past, though can't say that I blame him, did I too not feel the same shades when my Father was alive? Is how I feel now how he felt before? When he thought Wolfcaelder was dead? I even heard him once debate the idea of selling up the farm and adjoining land but he was quickly reproached by the eldest brother from Rohan.  

I worry too for Aillstan, Wolfcalder can not know he is here or I feel he'd have done something already. As for Mister Dev? He too has put up his mental barrier around his home, protecting Missy and their young'n inside.

I just came back from Miss Dernwynn's to find she was not there. Checking, I also went to Mister Ruemax's in town but his house too was lifeless, I guess they've both went ahead with the scheme to go away for a few days.  With Ria being defiantly brave and...I don't even know how to describe how she is being...Either way, I can not help but feel lonely in all this. I was asked if I wanted to be part of the "main day", when it does eventually happen but what use would I be? I could hardly stand up to my own Father, never mind a maniac killer. 

I suppose