Journal - Visit

Elias Dimheim visited me in the middle of the night.

I though it was one of those cocky thugs who go around, waking people up at night and demanding gold for not setting their huts on fire, so I came out with my sword. Turns out it was him, looking about as awful as how I feel. At least that's what I told him, because I knew he feels much worse. Like I feel during my darkest days. Man haven't slept for days, or washed for that matter. Need to make a draft through the house if he visits me again and still doesn't wash in the meantime.

We talked. He's slowly going mad from worry and stress. Turns out he slept with that girl he's been talking about, potentially leaving her with child. Talk about bad luck, a child on a single try is atrociously improbable. Either bad luck or the woman's lying just to keep him. Wouldn't be the first time I heard of that, and seeing how manipulative that one is, I'd bet my left hand she'd be capable of it.

Speaking of, turns out one of his friends has turned his back on Twigman. I figured that'd happen - met the dwarf once, in Ered Luin, of all places. I saw how he listened to us, then I saw how he immediately dismissed our words. His mind was already made even before this began. He's been on her side since then, blindly loyal, like a good lapdog. I despise people like that. Didn't say a word, because Twigman asked me to be polite, and I felt so bored I even complied. Damn elflands.

I have my flaws, Dimheim has his, everyone has theirs. People who are blind to flaws of their friends are morons, and that harms both them and these friends. Because flaws can't be fixed if they're not known about. How can you repair something you have no idea exists?

Anyway. We spoke, I gave him some advice towards friends - specifically, to not get attached too much - and then I got the fool to drink some of that sleeping med he gave me. Might've added too much, I only realised later he's smaller and thinner than me. Ah well, worst case scenario, he sleeps through the noon.

Bastard sure looks like he needs that.