Letter To Rickstan Laine - Bree-Land


It has deeply saddened us to learn of the distressing news happening back in Bree-Land. We are grieved beyond all measure that not only you but those of your fellow workers and family are being deeply affected. The news of Nessya being hurt in such a manner as to cause your child to come early shocked us all. We too, unpleasantness aside, extend to you our most cordial congratulations on the birth of your Daughter and we are putting together a small token gift for you.

As this letter is being written, there are already measures being made and arranged for us to make as swift a journey back to Bree as soon as we are able. The letter came to us at a fortunate time when we were all dinning together and we were at liberty to discuss your matter the moment it arrived in our hands. 

Understandably, our good lady's will not accompany us, if danger is to be met when we ride into the green picturesque landscape of Bree-Land. The Lady's know their duty and will remain to deal with family matters here and look after our Father till our return. This of course will mean we are less to carry with us on the journey and should, if the weather also favor us, make our journey more swift. Before, we would have to rest each night for respite and meals and the gathering of provisions, as it will just be us this time, we need not tend to more delicate tasks. 

We judged it well that myself, both my brothers and the Hoods shall be all that is required in your aid. As you have met them before and housed them in your respectable lodgings, you will know their abilities, and with Shauhelm's great influential holdings and respect with them, they will be ready to assist you at a moments harken. I have no doubt my brother has told you of their past, capabilities and techniques. I hope this small detail will aid you with amy preparations you wish to make on your part. 

Shortly before our arrival, we will send forth a rider to give notice to you and we will write half way through our journey with any further information. We fully intend to have left Cliving by tomorrow evening, with one day spent on the road in which we collect some Hoods who are in close by lodgings. By the time this letters arrives to you we should have long since departed. 

Please rest easy my friend, we will not let you be alone in this time of need. You have the best wishes of my family and my Father.

Your good friend, faithfully