A Reply to Manadhlaer

(( A reply to this letter. ))


Greetings Lady Manadhlaer,

I am glad to read that your portrait pleases you. In my mind I should actually apologize for how long it took to bring it to fruition. I do not only wish to capture the likeness of hröa (body), but fëa (soul), as well.

Besides them the colours deliver their own message: the orange symbolizes the Houses of Healing and the red (messier word compared to the rest of the clean text) symbolizes the order of the Pillar, both under your protection.

I had to leave the unveiling celebration too soon, but you are welcome to visit me any time, should you wish to discuss art or anything else.

I did mean when I said that you are not a ship but an isle. You have been a shining light and a stable ground to many castaways. Not even storms have made you sink.

You can see when when you need me. Yours,

— Elloen