10th Annual Grand Elven Ball

It's the tenth time since the Elves first gathered in Rivendell to celebrate together, were they Silvan or High Elves. The bands performing this year are Polnolunie and Lindamar.

November 24th, 2018
5 Waterbank Road, Lant Veren, Falathlorn Homesteads

Event details:

After a DECADE, the Tenth Annual Great Elven Ball awaits you. Please as you have done kindly in the last nine years, consider that this event is aimed to be an elven themed event and every non-elf you bring would make it seem less elven. If you are not particularly invited with your Dunedain, Men, Your Dwarves or Hobbits and if you have a proper elven alt, it would be very helpful to attend with them instead of your mighty humans, dwarf lords or hobbitses. Still it's up to you! (if you want to explain your presence to Veryacano at the gate and to his cold Hammerites)

We do kindly await your arrival and yours at the event. Some of you have received in game Invitations and even in some cases, Personally inviting Order of Harp Envoys, and some have not. To clarify things, we want to declare that this is still and open event with some racial limitations and any elf who wish to come to see the biggest and largest synchronised dancing display won't be turned down.

— Lord Anglachelm

The event starts at 2 pm servertime (7 pm GMT, 8 pm CET) and the band starts to play an hour later. There will be a feast (including cake) and fireworks display.

For the menu of the Ball, look here.

If you wish to see some of the past Grand Elven Balls, look here.

OOC details:

As usual we consider that the event actually is taking place in Rivendell indoors despite the Falathlorn address, so lets all pretend that our kinhall is a venue somewhere in the valley. This is due to a measure towards containing possible grieving attempts. In a real venue in Rivendell we have no buttons to contain a bad situation, and Falathlorn is a bridge too far. So no need to perform a 2 week long pilgrimage to dance in character. If you are in Rivendell come! If not, come again! 

See you all there!

Anglachelm, Tingruviel, Norliriel, Manadhlaer, Elvealin, Tindir, Veryacano

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