The Battalion

Founding date
about 2-3 years ago, i think
Defending the Free People
Main area of operations
Gondor but traveling a lot
Kinship type
The Blue Mountains Regiment / Company of the East Road
Forces of Mordor / Forces of Saruman
Kinship status
Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)





                   Fifth Battalion of the Gondorian army is expedition force, created long time ago and formed from the greater forces of The Realm. It's history reaches the famous War of The Last Alliance in which under the name of The Royal Army of Gondor and later The Host of The Last Alliance of Elves and Men its soldiers fought one of their greatest and most important battles in history.

               After the victory on the fields of battle more units were founded from
The survivors of The Royal Army and newly trained recruits such as five stationary infantry units as The World passed into Third Age.

                 On 490 year of the Third Age a long earned peace was broken once again by Easterling invasions on the kingdom itself which forced King Ostoher to create one more,Fifth mobile and skilled unit of best Gondorian Warriors to repell the attacks of the Invaders.

                Under the first commander, Romendacil I, son of King Ostoher The Fifth Gondorian Battalion has beaten the enemies into submission and later on after the crowning of Romendacil its lead passed on to one of The expedition veterans.

               The Battalion itself has become one of the most favoured units for The Kings of Gondor.The years were passing fast as were the Commanders of The Unit due to various causes.At year 3001 of The Third Age The Fifth Gondorian Battalion fough another of their fiercest battles between Gondor and The Easterlings during their return to The White City.The Battle resulted with the fall of their longest remaining Commander which rightbefore his death and with the permission of The Steward Denethor II passed the leadership to General Maxem Gornak, which remains the Commander of The Battalion until now.

                  As for the present times The Gondorian High Command mostly uses The Fifth Battalion for exploration and skimish battles in distant lands and the unit itself gained somehow an independent structure, uncommon for a regular army unit as it encompasses four companies and between 300 to 500 soldiers.It can conduct independent operations, if they're of limited scope and duration, and operates its own administration.



Araithil Araithil Thanduil, son of Naerhad Man
Comak Major Comak Man
Gwathrian Gwathrian Thanduil, daughter of Gwaindir Man
Iarnuil Iarnuil Thanduil, son of Naerhad Man
Iarvenil Iarvenil Thanduil, son of Naerhad Man
Iralanor captain iralanor hailstead Man
Kevon Private Kevon Erskine Man
Leyax Captain Leyax Man
Maxem Lord Maxem Gornak Man
Nethillon Nethillon Thanduil, son of Naerhad Man
Nirna Captain Nirna Man
Taechla Taechla Umiyjal Man
Velam Velam Man
Walore Captain Walore Man

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