Settling in Balewood

The night was uneventful, the dinner we had was refreshing, for once, we had meat upon this journey so far, yet I do think we'll be eating more meat and fruit. If we can find fruit in Balewood, I quite doubt it, it is a forest of old firs and oaks. Knotted and gnarled. I do hope that there are fruit there, as I do not want just pure meat. The fur we had got from the wargs will prove resourceful in the days to come, or so father says. We are staying for a month, so, it most likely will prove useful. I had thought about these things during the night while I had been the watchmen of our campsite. It was brother's turn after mine, and I was happy, I was able to get back to sleep while he had not. The night was not warm, it was chill, as it should be in Wildermoore. But, it was more chill than it had been these past days, yes, we have not been in Wildermoore for a long time, yet still. Perhaps it is just natural, or the imagination of a teenager, I know not. The night faded and day took its vigil, like the sun and the moon. "Pack the tents and all the supplies, we leave for Balewood and I intend to get there today, set up our campsite for the month, and discuss things we'll do on this trip. Perhaps we'll even hunt, do some contests, tests of strength, and so on. You both will need to impress me with this, for one, you two both bicker and yabber on like young children. Either grow more mature during this trip, or don't, simple as that. Mother shan't be pleased either, nor will Burgwyn, she wanted to come, yet as too young, or thats what I told her. In truth, she cannot use a dagger, fight, and mother needs her assistance. I have entrusted my brother, Ecgbald, to protect them and our homestead. So, let us depart!" He spoke with sternness, anger, and a tad bit of disappointment. He and uncle did not get along, yet still, was he that disappointed he had to entrust his wife and only daughter, more-so his home, to his own brother? I wouldn't dare ask, he would get too mad, and simply be disappointed and angry with me for assuming such.

We stuck to the road as we traveled, as we had done the journey so far. We dare not to go off on the paths of the wilderness, beasts, orcs, wargs, and evil things might dwell there. We are in the most wildest part of Rohan after all, and we are entering the most wildest area of said region. Father knew how to handle fur, how to make cloaks and blankets, something he had learned from his mother. Luckily, I overheard him and Sigehelm speaking about hunting a bear, to gain more fur to make some cloaks and blankets. We are going to be surviving in Balewood for a month. "I'll leave Sigebyrht to tend the campsite, leave him to do what he wishes, I do not think it wise for us three to go out and hunt a bear, even though we are armored, we need someone tending the camp, and to defend it, if such a problem like that arises. Let us hope, Sigebyrht does not object, start an argument, and blame you. Sigehelm, you are the physically superior son out of the two, and so, I need you the most. While Sigebyrht is clever and witty for someone his age, he is not the best in combat. You know this is only between us, my dear son. Now, let us speak of something else." He smiled at Sigehelm, approvingly yet, saddened. It appeared that he did not like speaking of me this way. "Aye, this is between us and only us. I shall not bring it up to Sigebyrht, nor will I bicker with him, he needs to be taught like I. We both, nay. We all need to be taught upon this trip, and I dearly hope we are. By Bema, let us hope." He had gave a weak smile, furrowing his brows. I walked behind them as they continued speaking, yet they had changed topics. It was not until we had arrived at Balewood that we had started to drift off the road, we had chosen which had a cave near by, It was decided that we would dwell in here, and make our campsite outside of it. We set up the tents right after that discovery. After my tent was set up, I had quickly drifted to sleep.