The Forest Path


Having entered the Woodland Realm, after days of traveling without any sunlight, without feeling a fresh breeze upon the skin, many a wanderer can become an easy prey to madness, despair and tiredness.

Under the guidance of Loegenel who was ever busy with inspecting trees, plants and mushrooms along the way, the company was carrying on, mile after mile, step after step, inch by inch.

Some were silent, clinging to their inner reserves of stability and endurance, others grew rather nervous and impatient, and the wish to arrive gave them the strength not to slow down at any point.

Again others were a source of vigilance, and their senses stayed keen all the time.

Strange noises the company heard, and movement was seen sometimes within the darkness, but where that came from they knew not.

Following the Forest Road towards the east, they could sometimes see the branches leaning downwards as if trying to grab the travelers with their long, boney fingers.