Provisioner's Notes

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A thick, well-kept, leather-bound journal with ornate pages. Arnethelion keeps an orderly record of his journey to further his vocation. These provisioner's notes contain recipes, insights, and noteworthy experiences.

Chronicle Content

The journal was originally a small collection of hastily-written notes. Now the record has been transcribed into a profound and orderly manuscript, filled with footnotes, marginalia, and inserted pages. The book itself is somewhat heavy, yet it fills the hands comfortably - meeting a balance between portability and breadth of content. The pages are cataloged with numbers while inserts are annotated with the number of the nearest preceding page, followed by an assigned alphabetical index. The text is primarily in Sindarin, though there exists several entries written in Westron for purposes of translating the recipes of man. In conclusion, these provisioner's notes stand as a memoir to a young artisan's endeavors through Middle-Earth.

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