(Silwë - Ch 3) Peace in Ossiriand

It was dark, and the world lit only by fire and stars, as the Dagor-nuin-Giliath was fought. Under the stars, it was called in the future. Ten days the battle raged, of Fëanor and his Noldorin host against the forces of Morgoth in the Mountains of Shadow. Outnumbered and greatly surrounded, somehow, the Noldor were victorious. 

Silwë received then his first command, and earned the title Cáno. He was cunning, and ruthless. No sign of the self he had been remained, but for the slightest hints buried so deeply even he could not reach them. He did not care; there was work to be done. 

The Noldor withdrew south, to prepare. Sixty years after the first rising of the Sun over Beleriand, Morgoth launched an offensive. The Noldor were ready, and in what was known as the most glorious of battles, the Dagor Aglareb, his forces were crushed, and the Siege of Angband was set.

There was a time of peace.

Silwë had no personal affinity for any of Feanor's sons over another (he rather felt they were all rather incompetent, though he'd not say so until far later in life), and chose ultimately to settle with Caranthir’s people in Thargelion. Wishing to reclaim perhaps some of the peace he had in Valinor, he set out on his own, deep into a wood at the foot of the mountains, near the river Ascar. He built by  his own hands a lodge of stone and timber, and a forge nearby; here he dwelt and worked at his craft for four hundred years, in peace.

He felt some sense of accomplishment and traded at times with the dwarves of nearby Nogrod, jewelry and weaponry for metals and gems, fine silks and clothing and wine.

It was, from time to time, lonely, though he did not understand the meaning of this feeling, yet. 

The depth of winter found rivers of flame and hatred pouring out of the north as Morgoth’s vast armies of orcs and Balrogs, led by the dragon Glaurung, destroyed all in their wake. Though he mustered his people in Thargelion, it was no use; the Noldor were crushed, the survivors scattered.

Silwë and his small company fled to Himlad, seeking refuge.