[IX] A Hint of Adventure

A routine of sorts had started to develop. Research and continue the cataloging Danel's extensive collection of papers followed by an evening walk along the river up to the falls. The sound of the rushing water was a comfort and relaxation, very much an antidote to the many ills of the time.

This particular evening started the same way, standing under the stars, gazing up as a delight for her eyes with the sounds from the water massaging her ears .. leave everything behind for a while and drift back to a happier age where the light seemed stronger.

But then suddenly something was pulling Helcequen back to the moment, the feeling of a presence behind her and a familiar voice, a gentle greating!  Hecle turned and looked ... was it ? could it be ?  YES!   Yrill was standing right in front of her. Yrill former Lady of the Arrows and the leader of expedition to Eregion where Helce had first encountered the Mural and all the effects that followed. 

In her mind She wondered whether Yrill blamed herself in some way for what had happened, Helce had always been clear it was her own responsibility. She had undertaken the journey freely as a scholar and researcher at her own risk.. Helce believed that deep down Yrill knew this .. both were as determined in their own way about making the trip. 

A quick catch up ... Danel's departure and some of what she entrusted to Helce and of course the new association with the Warband. This was followed by news of Yrill's travels and major events in the south and the kingdoms of men around Rohan and Gondor. It was however obvious that it was going to be more than a friendly reunion and Yrill came quickly to the point. 

That point was Eregion, more particularly a place known as Minas Elendur, which they had briefly visited on the original trip. Forces had gathered there and apparently that force was reaching out its hand to the region and perhaps towards Imladris.

Since Yrill was now operating by herself, outside the jurisdiction of any house or order, she had come to Helce as a former comrade looking for support. The brief outline of events Yrill gave was enough to convince Helce that investigation was needed and so she suggested they both go to speak to Khalis, Captain of the Warband as soon as they could.

Helcequen realised what this meant of course! By supporting Yrill when she spoke to Khalis and suggesting we investigate, the implication was that Helce volunteered to be part of that team and return to Eregion.  

It would be an 'interesting' path to tread again and would very likely help Helce to further analyse all the events since the initial terrifying encounter in the old Ring Forges. This would be an opportunity that could not be turned down, assuming Khalis agreed about the gravity of the situation that is.