[VIII] A serendipitous stroll

Helcequen felt happier, unburdened a little.  Although she missed the regular contact with some old friends since leaving the Order, Helce hoped in time these bonds would be re-made. They would be stronger she believed because her own state would be on firmer foundations, self made rather than subject to proscription.

The sudden departure of the Lady Danel from the house had effected her more than she realised… this situation needed to be addressed and this could only be done independently from anyone else directly involved.. that is from a fresh perspective.

So some ‘fresh air’ may bring some new perspective Helce thought, She slipped on her shoes, grabbed a cloak and strode out the door. A brisk walk along the river bank .. ‘over the bridge and see where my footsteps lead me’, she said out loud!

The clean air hit her face and she felt better .. clearer .. keep walking .. deep breaths … pulse rate up … alive and well..

Her feet led her to the House of Elrond .. an habitual walk, which she had enjoyed many times in the past but now she was suddenly rather nervous, it was the prospect of company after spending some time in solitude.

She entered, a little nervous knowing there may be awkward moments if certain other folk were present but it had to be done and surely they would understand the choices. Access to the library was too important to allow her fears to keep her at home so open the door and enter!.

Inside and walking towards the library stairs, all clear !   Then out of the corner of her eye an Elleth waving .. keep your eyes on the library stairs and look busy she thought but the friendly wave came again. Helce could not help but look and then inevitably make eye contact … OH!  wait this face she had not seen in a while … it was Elisbeth!  Helce smiled broadly and headed over to greet her.  Exchanging warm pleasantries and the usual enquiries of a friend not seen in a while another surprise .. Lord Khalis of the Warband appeared with a friendly wave and hello.

Both Khalis and Elesbeth were back in the Valley and interested to hear Helce’s news.  She told them of recent events and her own worries .. Her feeling of being ‘unstuck’ and out of place since the departure of Danel and the nagging feeling of needing a change to re-balance herself and her life. She told them of her decisions …. they seemed to understand!

Leaving an order and indeed a well respected house had been a tough decision but a necessary one, they also understood this because they had been in the same situation previously and now seemed to be where they wanted to be.   Yes that was it .. Helce needed to be where she wanted to be and that was here and now with these very people! A serendipitous stroll indeed!

For Helce, it was not a question of a good or bad place but rather the right place for the change she undoubtedly needed. Khalis and Elisbeth also grasped this it seemed and were generous, offering their own house’s hospitality and support which Helcequen gratefully accepted.

The Warband of Imladris would be Helcequen’s fresh perspective!