[VII] Scholarly Materials

Her friends box had been retrieved but it remained locked with the key safely stored away. Now was not the time to investigate something this important, especially as she was feeling far from full strength. Danel had said some of the artifacts had 'certain properties' and so they should be respected and dealt with accordingly.. Helcequen was still very much out of her centre, she needed time to settle and the patience to take that time!

On the other hand a trip to Danel's old house (at the Lady's invitation) had yielded several things of use. A significant amount of 'scholarly' materials for a start, plenty to supply all Helce's needs now she was now longer subordinate to the Order. Also several papers of Danel's were left neatly cataloged ready for another scholar to read and work with further and Helce interpreted the letter to mean she could take any that were of interest... she did!

Looking at these papers would be a good way to begin her new working.  A brief skim through and one report filed under 'Angmar Expeition.'3019 TA stood out immediately. This also linked back to the unexpected caller she had before opening the letter with the key to the lock-box.  This was the catalyst she needed to make a permanent record of what transpired and the events leading up to it.

Helce took down an unused chronicle book and wrote the title 'The Frozen Path - Personal Perspectives' on the spine. She then laid it aside ready for when she felt the time was right to begin this work.